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    Deal Alert

    Forbidden Lands is available for free for one day:
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    Deal Alert

    The DriveThruRPG Pathfinder blowout sale has some better than average price cuts:
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    Deal Alert

    Humble Bundle is offering a rather amazing package for friends of OSR:
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    Generator news

    ”Shall we play a game?”
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    Deal Alert

    This week Bundle of Holding contains some OSR goodness:
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    Campfire Pro

    Just noticed that the Kickstarter for the updated version Campfire Blaze is now on its final hours:
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    GM Binder

    On the drawing board: coöperation with Dungeon Fog and World Anvil:
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    GM Binder

    From their Twitter feed:
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    GM Binder

    The free GM Binder D&D homebrew layout service is preparing a Kickstarter:
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    Importing a modified JSON

    I have done some experiments with converting XML SRD data into JSON and importing it to CL, but never got it to work properly. It would be good to document the data format, like how those uniqueId’s are formed. Currently it’s just a black box to me. Creating an empty log first is a good...
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    Deal Alert

    Yet another Humble RPG Bundle... but this time about computer RPGs:
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    Find & Replace

    If you have a big search & replace operation to do, you could export thelog as a JSON file, modify it in a text editor (for example Atom), and then import it back. Search & replace would indeed be a nice feature to have in the app as well.
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    Quest generator

    Today I finally sat down to write something for the August generator challenge. The end result is something lighthearted with a seriously limited data set: Still, I had fun writing this one.
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    Generator news

    Another image generation site for those nightmare visions:
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    Generator news Something not yet published by Christopher Tolkien: There is also something to ensure that @JochenL can leave for vacation without worrying about decreased productivity in the project. :)
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    Interactive maps

    The Grishaverse interactive map is a functionally simple ad for a book series, but the graphical presentation is still nice:
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    World Anvil

    This episodic adventure series uses World Anvil as the medium:
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    Deal Alert

    This week’s Bundle of Holding consists of system-neutral sourcebooks from Goodman Games:
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    Spire of Sorcery – Character Generator

    The character generator for an upcoming CRPG Spire of Sorcery could be useful for a TTRPG GM as well, IMHO:
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    Early access campaign management software in Steam: Based on the customer reviews, it really seems like an early access product. But at least it’s free...