1. ELF

    Quest generator

    Today I finally sat down to write something for the August generator challenge. The end result is something lighthearted with a seriously limited data set: Still, I had fun writing this one.
  2. ELF

    Generator feature request: global variable introduction

    For me the biggest cause of showstopper issues is how introduction of global variables in handled. As expected, global variables need to be introduced in a generator that uses them: globals: species: '' culture: '' civilization: '' But if that generator calls another generator that...
  3. JochenL

    New Generator Formatting Available

    { "resultPattern": "{|do not display me\r\n|quiet} {|apple\r\n|indefinite} {|dice\r\n|indefinite}" } {|...|quiet} will not render the text {|...|indefinite} will render the indefinite article a or an before the text
  4. JohnnFour

    Generator - Empty Table Entries Now Supported

    News from Malte about a bug about to be squashed next code update: { "name": "NPC_questions", "resultPattern": "{init}{result}", [...] // shortened for this message "tables: [ { "name": "exclusive", "explanation": "Extra rare...
  5. ELF

    Generator news
  6. JohnnFour

    Feature Request: Bulk add rows in new generator UI

    @mKlaumann @JochenL Can we make it as easy as copy & paste within the UI to populate individual tables? I build my data sets in Excel or plain text file. It would be ideal to create generators straight from there instead of building row by row in the UI, or switching to Code mode and adding...
  7. Hannu

    Should the header tags work in a generator

    I tried == {b|Unit name} == no joy. What is the syntax?
  8. Hannu

    Generator Public Interface Definition

    I am creating a fleet / army generator Should we agree syntax for call points. For example the generator could include "interfaces:" that would be similar to tags. In the interfaces one could list those of the subtables that are meant to be exposed to external parties. For example I have...
  9. Hannu

    How to avoid duplicates in two or more entries

    I have two generators FormationFighting that has entries like Line, Square, Wedge etc Another one named Shieldwall: Line, Square, Circle I have a unit that has both of these FormationFighting and Shieldwall - I would like to avoid duplicates in the result. So no matter what wedge should not...
  10. Hannu

    I am getting this when trying to add a generator

    Cannot add/update generator. Generator is valid JSON according to
  11. Hannu

    New kind of Generators for Glorantha and Mythras

    I have been working for over a year on my own campaign tools for the campaign I play in Loral at Glorantha using Mythras. I got involved in Campaign Logger from Johnn Fourr and friends and have been building generators of all kinds for my campaign using the Campaign Logger generator tool. Most...
  12. Hannu

    Feature Request - Clean mode for Missing generators

    It would be so nice if we had clean mode for not found generators For example for "They are going to hunt for {gen:JungleBirds#smallAnimal} in the next hunt" It could show "They are going to hunt for <underscore>smallAnimal from JungleBirds<underscore> in the next hunt" if the generator is...
  13. JohnnFour

    NPC Generator I like the sidebar options UI and presentation for generating NPCs.
  14. JohnnFour

    Random World Map Generator
  15. JohnnFour

    NPC Traits

    I've collected a few resources that have lists of NPC traits, including an RPT blog post with a whole bunch of them. I now want to collate all into a spreadsheet and categorize them (eg physical, mental, behavioural, etc.). And then I want to add a brief blurb (say, 10 words or so) that...
  16. JochenL

    Generator UI Public Beta

    The new Generator UI is there! You can now maintain your generators in one place Use a nice code editor instead of that small edit field in CL itself Not a coder? Try the form-based editor! Write - Test - Run Read the announcement...
  17. mKlaumann

    Generator Icon Request-Thread

    Hey everybody, today I announced the release of the new Generator Web App. If you already took a look, you might have noticed, that generators automatically get an icon assigned. We got Icons for the most used keywords of public generators, but I know that those won't be enough. If you need a...
  18. mKlaumann

    A completely new Generator WebApp launching in Beta

    Good news everybody, Today I am happy to announce the official Beta release of a complete rewrite of the Generator Suite. You now have a permanent home for all your Generator needs. We tried to make it as good as possible and iron out as many bugs as we could with the help of a few very great...
  19. Y

    I have a Page on Google Documents for Generators and Discussion of what you guys want/request. In the link above I have about 4 working generators, which is less than half of what I have created, but I figure they might be things you may use better as the rest are geared toward Harry Potter...
  20. Hannu

    Hierarchy of generators

    How would one go about doing something like following. You have town event generator. You would like to generalise that for multiple towns but for each their own subtables. For example In generic town event generator - common stuff - localCharacterListKindX -- randomMerchantX1 --...