Feature Request - Clean mode for Missing generators


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It would be so nice if we had clean mode for not found generators

For example for "They are going to hunt for {gen:JungleBirds#smallAnimal} in the next hunt"

It could show

"They are going to hunt for <underscore>smallAnimal from JungleBirds<underscore> in the next hunt"

if the generator is not found due to any reason

where underscoring in the text would be a tidy way to express a missing generator (as bolds and italics are already used). Or it could be in red color...

Now it looks rather messy if any of the few hundred or more tables is missing or misspelled.

I would love to have this now when I am considering publishing some of the material...


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Now for example in the app I am developing the result looks like this

Unit name: Downfall of ≪Error Calling Non-Existent Generator 'Names Savage#Fullname' From 'User-Defined Generator Json'≫ Unit type: Nihilistic Warriors in Their Prime
Unit Traits: Skirmisher Strength: 9
Competency: Cannon Fodder 21 Morale: Disciplined 87
Unit Passions: Loyalty to Headman 62 Hate Predator Dinosaurs 70
Commander: <error calling non-existent generator 'Names Savage#fullName' from 'User-defined Generator JSON'> Command Skill: Green 34 Commander Perception: 69 Commander Oratory: 41
Current Damage: based on frontage
Current Formation: Skirmisher Frontage: Quarter of strength (in four lines) if more than 16 strength

I am calling the REST API demo example that I created to get the data.

It would actually be rather interesting if the generator call could work like so that it tries to get all the (gen:} it finds from the call itself - for example passing in a dictionary of json files that the generator searches as a namespace for the {gen:} It would actually solve lots of problems related to private materials... So for example on the above I would pass the "Names Savage#fullName" json as well - usually there are many many interlinked private json files that I use... I am developing a small app that uses the generator api and it looks pretty cool even on the early stages.

so the ask is (in addition to the clean mode

Provide a way to pass a number of json files as "reference files" to form a namespace where generator first looks at these for the {gen:} and if not found then looks at the normal place...

Oh this would be so cool...


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You could provide a read-only token to the endpoint used by the original site. You can retrieve that token here: