Generator - Empty Table Entries Now Supported


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News from Malte about a bug about to be squashed next code update:

The generator code below was not validating/generating for some reason and just returning an error.

I looked into it. It was an error on both sides.

As you can see there is a table named 'exclusive'. It has an empty entry. This did break it a little as our engine didn't handle that well.

It is now fixed. If you want to use an empty entry in a generator table, now you can. :)

Hope that helps a little...

-- Malte
    "name": "NPC_questions",
    "resultPattern": "{init}{result}",
               [...] // shortened for this message

  "tables: [
            "name": "exclusive",
            "explanation": "Extra rare types (not produced by random).",
            "entries": [

       [...] // shortened for this message


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Empty table entries have always worked, as they should. They also validated fine on the generator testbed site.

The problem was the the new generator UI validator complained about them, but that issue has now been fixed thanks to @mKlaumann, and the corrected validator should be online pretty soon.

Empty table entries are useful for example when adding bits that sometimes should be present in the generated output, and sometimes not.