Images in Log Entries and Generator Outputs


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Scaled Images Available Now!

I just updated the formatting stream ( and you can see the results directly in this entry:
I've just come back to using CL after a time away. I used your examples, using a link to my google drive:
{""|Normal Key|img}

And while the link works (thanks for that) it does not show up in the log entry. Do I have the syntax wrong?


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There are two things going on here.

The first is you need to share the image for embedding publicly on the web:

However, I've done that with a test image and it's still not working.

@JochenL can someone check into this a see if it's a CL thing or a Google thing?

Here's are the patterns I've tested with a properly shared image off my Google Drive:
{""|Normal Key|img}
{""|Johnn Test|img}
{""|Johnn Test|img}