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What's your ideal number of sessions per adventure?

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When it comes to pacing out your Campaign Plotline, you can get a rough estimate by how long it takes you to complete adventures.

If you run episodic then you could fit dozens of adventures into a real world year. If you're like me and take about 3-4 sessions per adventure, and you play monthly, it could take years to finish a complete multi-adventure campaign.

Question of the Week: What's the coolest world feature you've seen or created?

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Name something memorable from a setting your played or GM'd.

For example, the default setting in Blades of the Dark is the soot & swords city of Duskvol.

One cool unique feature about it is the dozens of micro thieves' guilds it has. These are called Crews. Crews have a reputation (based on capability) and heat (how wanted they are by authorities). Crews also get unique Boons.

This world feature makes for awesome faction play.

Preview: Generator Service (beta)

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Custom generators help game masters build adventures and improvise. You can create as many generators you like with Campaign Logger.

The current generator builder is functional, but missing some features and accessibility.

So we've created a Campaign Logger add-on with the working title of Generator Service.

The Generator Service is available to all Campaign Logger members as a standalone app. You can use it right now to build generators for your games.

The Generator Service is also integrated with our upcoming new version of Campaign Logger, called vNext.

Here's an overview of how to log into the Generator Service:

You can access the Generator Service here, using your Campaign Logger credentials:


Preview: Campaign Logger vNext (beta access)

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Here's a video I made that shows some of the new stuff coming in vNext.

I also made this video to show beta testers the current state to help you navigate around.

I you choose to particpiate in the beta, the link is below and you can log into the beta using your normal Campaign Logger credentials.

We are looking for feedback. Please post your feedback in the thread below. Thanks!

Here's how to access the beta:

Some corrections and additional notes:
  • Install App: Offline work is prepared, but not live at the moment. Currently, you just install it to start it directly from your app menu instead of browsing to the web site.
  • The Refresh button is not updating the app but just reloading data from the server - in case you have old data still in your local cache. This will be removed in the future and be an automated background task associated with the...
Giveaway: What's in their pockets?
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Whether it's a rogue working a crowd, or a fallen NPC being searched for clues, sometimes you get put on the spot to come up with interesting pocket contents.

So let's brainstorm pocket contents for a typical fantasy setting. As a thank you for your help, I'm giving away some nifty prizes.

How to Enter the Giveaway
Post a reply below with three things you'd find in a person's or humanoid's pockets.

For example: stopwatch with portrait inside, small sharp knife, shopping list on parchment.

You need to Register here at Campaign-Community to be able to reply and enter. But Registration is free, secure, and you won't be spammed. You can Register with your Campaign Logger credentials, or just using your email address.

You can enter as many times as you like. You can put all your entries in one reply as a list, or come back later and make more replies.

There are three prizes up for grabs. I'll randomly...

Question of the Week: What’s your favorite monster?

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It's a tough choice for me.

As soon as I got my hands on D1-D2: Descent Into the Depths of the Earth and those mind flayers, I was hooked on those critters.

But my all-time favourite monster is the beholder. Maybe because I had to start wearing glasses when I was a kid. :)

Beholders could fly, were intelligent, could speak and roleplay, were smart, and had multiple killer attacks. It was like the best killer attack from other awesome creatures all rolled into one, pun intended.

This weekend I'm going to dust of D1-D2. I might add it to my Terror in the Badlands campaign. And, add a beholder. :)

Google Drive — Embedding Images from Google Drive

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Yes, it's possible. But Google turns it into a few steps for us.

This article explains the process:

And this image from my Google Drive works for me:
{"http://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=0B2H_NKUTapWhd3RQOThKSjlhSWtibHFyYU5vOFVDd1lsaW93"| caption |img-250x300}

Edit: Google has updated their sharing screen. Here's how to do this now:

Hitting The Wall: When You've Got No Creativity And Have GM Burnout

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RPT GM E. shared with me that they've got writer's block, and maybe a little GM burnout. Here's their email, paraphrased a bit:

RPGwise, I realized this week my creativity is gone.

I had to brainstorm and couldn't whip up anything.

Right now, I'm in a total slump gamewise.

Right now is a great opportunity to prep loads of stuff, but I'm at a total loss for creative energy.

Has anyone reported the same thing? Are you feeling like this?

Thank you for sharing this, E. I think other game masters are in the same situation, whether it's fatigue from GMing, stress from real life, or for other reasons.

I have written about GM burnout before, and will link to those tips at the end.

I also don't have any instant solutions for you, alas, as I see burnout and writer's block as part of every GM's journey.

Such journeys are personal, and so I could only offer you surface level solutions until I walked a thousand hexes in your shoes.

What I would like to speak to today, though...

3 Line NPCs Thread

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Let's each post a 3 Line NPC to get the creative juices flowing. Here's a quick template:

NPC Name & Role

Dropbox - Embedding Images From Dropbox

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CL user René M asked me how to get images to work from his Dropbox account.

Here's how:

Step 1. Copy the Dropbox Link
Right click or use your normal method to get a link for your image you want to "share."


Step 2. Change the dl Parameter to raw
Switch dl=0 to raw=1.


Step 3. Wrap the Campaign Logger Markup Code Around Your Link


Give your image a few seconds to appear. Sometimes the call to Dropbox takes a bit.

Campaign Logger Resources

Feature Requests

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For feature requests, the process is:
  • Skim this stickied thread before posting a feature idea in case it's already been requested
  • Post new requests and ideas here in this stickied thread
  • We discuss
  • If the idea has legs, @Rardian? approves and adds to Jira backlog
  • Backlog prioritization and bi-weekly sprint planning process take effect

Some of the requests that have come in:

Make url links a different color than tags. It's too hard to determine what is a URL and what is a tag and they SHOULD be different as they behave differently.

A calendar-style view of log entries, making use of the calendar tag to place log entries into the correct dates.

Make url links a different color than tags. It's too hard to determine what is a URL and what is a tag and they SHOULD be different as they behave differently.

Currently, 'Copy Entry' copies over the timestamp of the original entry. This is...