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Recent content by hauke

  1. hauke


    I may just be blind ... where can I set my lang/country settings?
  2. hauke

    How combat can ruin the entire game

    ah the word fate has then missleaded me totally :D
  3. hauke

    How combat can ruin the entire game

    okay, that is something I've never ever been faced with, and as far I know from my players (we do every sesssion a feedback round at the end) I don't do that either... Fate has rules as every rpg, I have just far more options as a player and a GM to use the things on my sheet... ... sry it's...
  4. hauke

    How combat can ruin the entire game

    I think as a GM I have to "obey" the rules for everything what I do with my npcs, monsters and stuff. The GM is THE person, that has to stand for the rules (what Jochen said "it's a contract"). BUT, when my players come up with a brillant idea and a rule stands in the way of doing that, why not...
  5. hauke

    Screens at the table

    That is the way I am thinking. Players should be aloud to use all the cool electronic stuff, but that stuff can't be aloud to be in the way at the table.
  6. hauke

    June Campaign Tools Demo

    there are no lists possible in the 5rdt? or is the code just not the same?
  7. hauke

    June Campaign Tools Demo

    labels: Will there be a "outfill" in the labels like with the tags? So I can easily "reuse" the labels? template: wohoo, that's great... I will that apply to several of my templates!
  8. hauke

    Question of the Week: How do you prepare your campaigns?

    I'm playing in the world of the german rpg "Splittermond", but with rules from the "FATE" rpg So I don't have to build an entire world, just read the materials für regions and of course the adventures (I don't have the time, to prep everything myself) So creating a campaign is more a deciding...
  9. hauke

    List of Digital GM Tools

    Virtual Tabletops (VTTs) FoundryVTT >> Link
  10. hauke

    LFG Learning new games!

    probably that one ? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EABA
  11. hauke

    GM tactics and stratagems

    are you really going the whole 36?? WOHOO!! I'm really excited about the whole idea ... when I get home, I will take my suntsu from the bookshelf and read it for real :D
  12. hauke

    Feature Requests

    where can I delete the uploaded images? how can I upload files?
  13. hauke

    I think I don't understand the concept

    ahhh, okay, now I get it will the upcoming use of title in the logs change that in any way?
  14. hauke

    I think I don't understand the concept

    I have created a new campaign for my world in the campaign entries I have created several npcs, cities, blablaba now I have created a log in the campaign with the name of my adventure in this log I have created severel encounters, every encounter leading with i.e *"Encounter 1" / *"Encounter...
  15. hauke

    templates (vnext)

    ich bin mal so frei auf deutsch zu antworten :D wäre natürlich "extrem schön" wenn man "an einem bestimmen Platz" templates definieren könnte und ein neues log mit templates "von diesem Platz" starten könnte bzw templates einfügen könnte z.B. in etwa so >> "neues log starten" >> "aus dropdown...