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Recent content by JochenL

  1. JochenL

    Realistic Science-Fiction RPG Star Maps

    Are there Cepheus-based System generation rules out there?
  2. JochenL

    Hostile Space

    A Crew of Misfits %15.05.2225, #Tycho Station, #New Horizons Zone, #European Sector The new, company-issued e-board displayed the same personnel file portraits for half an hour now - six images, including his own. Staring won't help it. These people would be his new crew, and he better got to...
  3. JochenL

    Realistic Science-Fiction RPG Star Maps

    This is my current state, all stars within 15 parsecs of Sol, seen from Galactic North. Top is Coreward, Left is Spinward, etc., 1 square = 1 parsec. I used the Galactic Longitude and Distance from Sol to calculate 2D coordinates, so direction and distance from Sol are true. To thin out the...
  4. JochenL

    Realistic Science-Fiction RPG Star Maps

    I thought I could go with Near Space. I wanted to use it for expanding the Euro Sector not described in Hostile. It only contains twelve systems of the subsector "Konigreich", though. Easy, I thought, I will just expand it using publically available data. Then everything broke. The map seems to...
  5. JochenL

    What could modern-era role-playing games be about, and would you play them?

    Speaking films/serials, I would play: Supernatural, Stargate, Indiana Jones, James Bond, Lucy, Army of Darkness, Nephelim?, Etc. So this is in effect Modern + Fantasy or Modern + Sci-fi or Spies/Action.
  6. JochenL


  7. JochenL

    RPT Newsletter #1,196 | How to Prevent Dead End Dice Rolls

    There is a special Fate VTT for dropping Aspect notes...
  8. JochenL

    Realistic Science-Fiction RPG Star Maps

    I will be using this for my new campaign! Thanks for putting together this list!
  9. JochenL

    3 Line NPCs Thread

    I love that term!
  10. JochenL

    RPG Combats and the Time they Occupy

    Strategic Combat: I remember a session from PF1's first adventure path where a castle was to be conquered. We had mass combat rules and tactical combat applied at the same time. We switched back and forth between the two. During strategic combat, the players commanded their army's action...
  11. JochenL

    RPG Combats and the Time they Occupy

    Conflict is a/the central part of stories. Armed conflict is often the focus of RPGs. I like detailed combat rules (like GURPS or Pathfinder) as they give me the feeling of versatility and being part of combat's "minute" actions. But those rules have downsides, too. Non-system-oriented players...
  12. JochenL

    List of Digital GM Tools

    My wife fell in love with that app and is now creating her country maps using Inkarnate!
  13. JochenL

    Quotation Marks and Link Syntax Issues

    "Fancy Quotes" are a known issue on Apple devices. You may want to switch that off or just trigger replacement in CL: Concerning links, please try the new syntax: [title](url)
  14. JochenL

    Wonderdraft issue

    Do you have a 4K monitor?
  15. JochenL

    Feature Requests

    Will be in the next update.