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    Plots or Crawls?

    Either-or? I usually create background plots and place them into a sandbox, then let the players mess around. For dungeons, I normally resort to preexisting stuff and tweak it to my liking as I normally don't have the time to put in the necessary work to make them as dense as I like it. And...
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    campaign logger seems slow on mobile

    Of course! When we announce the public beta, please run your test cases and give us feedback. We aren't especially targeting mobile phones, but it should run there. It should definitely be usable on Tablets and small notebooks.
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    campaign logger seems slow on mobile

    We are working on a totally new version of Campaign Logger which will see public beta soon.
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    Deal Alert

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    How to create a stream

    Please take a look here:
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    What features do you use on these forums?

    For attachments: zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, xlsx, docx, json, yml, yaml For resources: zip, txt, pdf, png, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, psd, tif
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    Repeated subheadings not rendering

    I now got the sample text from Discord (I won't be there too often, so if you expect direct support, please use ELF already found the issues: blanks after the heading - so it has nothing to do with repeated headings but with the strictness of the parser. Bad news: this is difficult to...
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    Repeated subheadings not rendering

    Thanks! I just tried to reproduce and directly posted to Discord.
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    Community Downtime

    CC has been successfully updated to the most current version of the forum software.
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    Community Downtime

    I will update CC within the next hour. Please expect some downtime.
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    iCloud Rejecting Password Reset Mails

    This problem has been solved; we recently migrated the mail server and the corresponding SPF record was missing from our DNS.
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    iCloud Rejecting Password Reset Mails

    Currently, iCloud is rejecting password reset mails you trigger from within Campaign Logger. I am investigating this problem and will keep you up to date.
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    Beta: Testing

    I am looking for a couple of beta-testers for the next iteration of Campaign Logger! If you are interested, please write a personal message to me and tell me somewhat about your gaming and how you use Campaign Logger. I am looking for every level of expertise in both gaming and logging...
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    Interactive maps

    Ui, this around for so long! And I used it for most of my Traveller campaigns!
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    Campaign Logger Site Status

    In the past 15 hours, we have been under increased attack. As of now, no breach nor performance decrease has been observed. Please let me know if you encounter(ed) any problems.