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  1. ExileInParadise

    Dealing with the Science in Science-Fiction

    The question came up today: "I have no idea how science-fiction things work - so how can I GM a science-fiction game?" The short answer: don't worry about the science-fiction things - worry about the people as you would anyway. People, for the most part, have no idea how reality around them...
  2. ExileInParadise

    Inky - Interactive Fiction Editor as GM "What-If?" or Solo gaming tool

    https://www.inklestudios.com/2021/02/22/ink-version-1.html In another life, I am a huge fan of the Infocom interactive fiction stories such as Zork. I ran across this tool called Inky which is an interactive editor for interactive fiction running on an opensource engine called Ink. The thing...
  3. ExileInParadise

    Campaign Logger CPU Use?

    Interesting... I've closed that tab, opened a new one, and relogged in - and now its not doing it. I wonder if a script got stuck or something. If I see it happen again I will try to quantify it better. Interesting ... Heisenbugs.
  4. ExileInParadise

    Campaign Logger CPU Use?

    Yes, its pretty constantly 100% on that core for me, and I don't have other video software running. I also thought it might be a side effect of a Firefox plugin, but I've marked campaign-logger.com and related sites as exempt in my plugins and still see it. I will keep poking around since I...
  5. ExileInParadise

    Campaign Logger CPU Use?

    How much CPU use do you see when you use Campaign Logger? I am using the preview with Firefox (78.9.0esr current) on Debian (10, kernel 5.10) and when I have one of my campaigns open, with 328 campaign entries, I am seeing the "Web Content" process spawned by Firefox use 100%+ CPU ... which...
  6. ExileInParadise

    Giveaway: What's in their pockets?

    A scrap of parchment with several words written in unfamiliar language, some crossed out An interestingly-marbled smooth river stone which seems to be perfect for cupping in your index finger and rubbing with your thumb... which you compulsively seem to start doing right now... A pair of small...
  7. ExileInParadise

    Preview: Campaign Logger vNext (beta access)

    I resized to 336x189 as well - I found the same size stuff in my view page info stuff (eventually). Works like a champ after a little gimp-fu to crop to aspect and scale ... looks awesome and loads up as fast as possible now rather than causing a massive download and browser rescale. I'd say...
  8. ExileInParadise

    Preview: Campaign Logger vNext (beta access)

    simple/silly vNext question: what is the optimal size to use for the images in the campaign tiles? I would like to resize mine to that so they speed-load and don't use up any more space than needed If the optimal size information could be added near the URL entry box that could cue others to...
  9. ExileInParadise

    ALIEN RPG: "Opening Adventure"

    Over on the Fria Ligan forums for the ALIEN RPG, Squadfather46 asks: "What do you guys suggest for a good solid opening adventure?" [1] I found out I have a lot to say about that since its a huge problem with any system where the players know the boojum in advance and thought it would be worth...
  10. ExileInParadise

    Running a modern game, the struggle for modern storytellers

    This sounds like you've run into the same quagmire I ran into with VTT - the additional "stage management" putting on the production compared to just talking over the GM screen. Over the past few months of working through Johnn's courses, I've also learned a LOT about "just in time" prep...
  11. ExileInParadise

    Any non-Fantasy games going on?

    So I am looking at 2 non-fantasy games right now: * Cyberpunk Red (2045 AD) * Salvage Space (2400AD+) homebrew setting on my own RPG rules base called Kairos I am extremely happy with a note tool called Joplin which is much like Evernote, but without the tether to the Evernote site. It supports...
  12. ExileInParadise

    VTTs: Beyond the Battlemap

    There are a number of suggestions like this in Faster Combat lesson 5.07: https://campaign-community.com/index.php?resources/lesson-5-07-just-add-atmosphere-props-media-more.51/ I also wrote up some of my own thoughts and such around that in a Faster Combat forum thread related to that lesson...
  13. ExileInParadise

    List of Digital GM Tools

    It's been a long time since I did anything heightmap but some tools used wayback include: TerraGen, TerrainSculptor, and the grand-daddy 900lb monster ... MojoWorlds by Pandromeda. MojoWorlds is likely to be nigh impossible to find and run and learn these days - but it was the most advanced...
  14. ExileInParadise


    Welcome back to the fray! Pick up some armor from the pile of bodies over there. Grab a weapon from that pile of bodies over there. Fight is down the hall and to the left!
  15. ExileInParadise

    Campaign Logger vs OneNote Vs Evernote

    I have been using Joplin the past six months, which works much like Evernote and has been extremely useful for managing the large volume of notes for these courses. The Joplin web-snipper works well for all of the links and references, for example, collecting them into the notebook with the...
  16. ExileInParadise

    ALIEN: The Movie : The RPG

    1000ft General says: "I've been busying myself with Star Schlock, my sci-fi miniatures game over the last few months, but took a break over the holidays to run the new Alien RPG for my family. What follows is an account of the one night session we played. It's long (looooong), but I felt it was...
  17. ExileInParadise

    Using Logger with WoA

    In the Adventure Building Workshop - the tags in Campaign Logger are closely related to the Mining Carts lesson. So, my approach has been to build pages in the Campaign notes side sort of like wiki pages for all the items you will be mining from throughout your campaign. Break out Campaign...
  18. ExileInParadise

    Sorting Campaign Log entries in vNext

    Sounds like me - I've moved over to vNext as well to get the jump on things. I've also run into something like this sorting issue, but not nearly as good a case as you describe here. +1 from me to follow along and learn me a thing or three on the new version of CL.
  19. ExileInParadise


    Welcome Xandyr78! You will find a lot of Pathfinder and 5E players around these parts so you should be in good company. And yes, the d4 is the Caltrop of Terror for those who fail their search/spot check early in the morning on a long gaming weekend ... snack run? sure... stomp!
  20. ExileInParadise

    Tip Request: Ports

    https://www.paulelliottbooks.com/traveller-freebies.html Scroll down to Mercator - converting the classic Traveller little black books to Roman Empire style trade. Port coverage is from a historical perspective which is a good example of the "context" driving the port and how it is an interface...