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  1. Rardian

    Call for Voting Q2 / 21

    Hallo everyone, we, the Campaign Logger Team, are outlining our roadmap for Campaign Logger for the rest of 2021. For that we need your help! Please tell us which features you need in Campaign Logger via the Feature Request thread. Currently we have a couple of things gathered that we would...
  2. Rardian

    Visualize Relations

    Ever wanted to see who bonded with whom? Who are the outsiders in your campaign? Who are the key persons? I started experimenting with a visualization of character relations. You can find the current result here: https://minor-level-7863.roast.io/ (it's free hosting, so no guarantees for...
  3. Rardian

    Bug: Scaled images in PDF export

    When trying to export a log to pdf ("chronology") the export aborts on occurence of the first scaled image, example entry: {"https://wallup.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/06/353919-landscape-nature-road-forest-mist-shrubs-morning-atmosphere-trees.jpg" | Der Wald von Villerville |img-x350}...
  4. Rardian

    Less prominent button for resetting password

    Hey guys, I think I hit the reset password button on the CL login page some times too often on mobile by now. :D My phone browser shows me only a half of the login screen and the only button I see is "Lost your password?" which I press almost instantly when getting the dialog. I wanted to create...