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  1. Enendill

    Question of the Week: What’s your favorite monster?

    I'd also like to vote for Goblins. And I generally like goblinoids. Such a cool species to play with.
  2. Enendill

    Gaming in different languages

    Great topic! I am Greek and my gaming friends are all Greeks, so we play in Greek. The funny thing is that all the RPG books we have (except than a couple of local RPGs) are in English, so it is logical for us to use some terms in English and mix them up in our normal conversation. Most of the...
  3. Enendill

    Prep-Time to Play-Time Ratio

    Hard to say, as I am pretty much thinking about the next session all the time and I am taking notes as I see fit throughout the day (and Campaign Logger really came to shine in this). Thusly, actual prepping time might vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours the most, per four hours of play. I also like...
  4. Enendill


    Hello all wonderful people. I am the Manos and I come from the Greece. I play mainly this game about underground hallways and flying magical lizards and I've been doing so for 21 years. Unfortunately, I have limited experience in other games of roles that are played on tables and my goal is to...