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  1. DM Badger

    2 player games

    My wife and i play a huge number of board games also. Here are some games we enjoy. Cribbage Mancala bananagrams cobra paw scrabble upwords sorcerer city Genius square [great replayability] The exit games are great in terms of you open the box and everyone is a player but they are play once...
  2. DM Badger

    Poison Damage vs Poison Condition

    I played BECMI, 1e and 2adnd. I skipped 3, 3.5 and 4 because life. I got back into 5 and one of the many things I still dont get yet is the whole Poison Damage vs Poison Condition. It seems like you can get poison damage without getting poisoned condtition. I get that some monsters do poisoned...
  3. DM Badger

    Homebrew rules

    It would be interesting to find out what rules folks have tweaked to run their campaigns. I will go first with one of mine. One of them is hidden death rolls. When established players hear this, they are often deeply dissatisfied with the idea. Here is why i did it. When a party member goes...
  4. DM Badger


    So I have been playing 5e a while now and the predominant tier that folks love to play is tiers 1 to tiers 2 and sometimes maybe halfway to three. As a result I have dm'ed about 5 games above level 10 and 1 game above level 14. I am terrible at it. Either my npcs are pushovers or they are...