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  1. Krogenar

    When GMs become Players

    I know I'm really late to this discussion, but I find I experience something similar when I become a player. I chalk it up to my being leery of overstepping the GM -- although I do describe what I do within my PC's context (how I cast the spell, speech, etc.). Also, I am aware of my being very...
  2. Krogenar

    Question of the Week: What’s your favorite monster?

    I remember the old article template from Dragon Magazine; 'The Ecology of the ...' (insert monster name here) These were great articles because they encourage GMs to really get inside the heads or backstories of the monsters.
  3. Krogenar

    GM tactics and stratagems

    I'm enjoying this thread. It really helps get my ideas flowing. One of things you mention a lot seems is the concept of the PCs reputations: this works so well, its amazing, every GM should do it. Players really tend to care how the game world perceives them. A good GM can really get players...
  4. Krogenar


    Thanks! The avatar is from the logo used for an online Mud called Kingdom of Loathing, known for its very, uh, minimalistic graphic elements. :D
  5. Krogenar

    Question of the Week: What’s your favorite monster?

    I like Springheeled Jack -- a weird, wall-jumping fey serial killer. :devilish: Months back I ran a campaign session in which a group of them started killing citizens of a town, leaving playing cards on the victims. A woman who was a high level socialite known for her dalliances -- she was found...
  6. Krogenar


    Hello everyone, looking forward to getting to know everyone. I'm here to improve my GM "game". I'm in my late 40's, started with D&D in the early 80's, played it on and off through high school, college and now since ttrpgs have enjoyed a resurgence in the last few years (thanks 'Stranger...