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  1. JochenL

    What is your preferred VTT and why?

    It does allow calls, but I never tried conference calls.
  2. JochenL

    What are the use cases for Logs vs. Entries?

    I usually run PiXiE: Prepare - eXecute - Evaluate. I am using Logs for short note-taking (in and out of sessions) - X and every time I have an idea. During Preparation, I revisit my ideas and last session notes and write a short planning entry in my planning log where I reference everything of...
  3. JochenL

    What are the use cases for Logs vs. Entries?

    You can do that! Click the Copy button of a Log Entry and then select "Create a campaign entry for tag:"
  4. JochenL

    Campaign Logger vNext

    Yes, it is (https://logger.campaign-logger.com/Swagger/index.html). You need a token to access it, though. You can write me a PN and we can discuss details for an OAuth client or simply an in-app token if that would suffice for you.
  5. JochenL

    Feature Requests

    Just tested it on my phone. Mozilla 94.1.2 Android 12 It is working fine.
  6. JochenL

    Campaign Logger: Migrating to the Newest Version

    Dear Loggers! We have been working for several years to modernize and enhance Campaign Logger. The current version you all know (https://campaign-logger.com/) already hints and links to the new version: https://app.campaign-logger.com/. Soon the current version will move to a new URL (where...
  7. JochenL

    Deal Alert

    Today it is reduced and it is one of the nicest books I picked up lately: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/348258/Artifices-Deceptions--Dilemmas?manufacturers_id=5597
  8. JochenL

    some questions about the new version

    While within a Log you only see that log's entries and Campaign Entries. So, you are not missing anything. One level up in a Campaign (or within a Campaign Entry) the search will bring up all references. In the future, we will add a more sophisticated search that will allow access across all...
  9. JochenL


    Happy Birthday, Stephan! You are a Scorpion, very interesting!
  10. JochenL

    Deal Alert

    You are into Mapping? Then hurry and get the big bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/software/maps-bonanza-software
  11. JochenL

    Generator UI/Service Updates

    Yes, I know. I need to switch from silent refresh to refresh tokens. This is a bit involved as there are heightened security requirements for this. I am already experimenting but I don't have a ready solution yet.
  12. JochenL

    Generator UI/Service Updates

    Are you using Incognito-Browsing? Do you have Ad-Blockers installed? Are you using Brave?
  13. JochenL

    Generator UI/Service Updates

    We had this before and therefore added this paragraph: Can you check your browser settings concerning 3rd-party cookies?
  14. JochenL

    Crowdfunding projects

    Intriguing as I like mimics! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/philipreed/mimics-an-unnecessary-work-for-use-with-fantasy-rpgs
  15. JochenL

    LFP Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    The next game will be on Wednesday, Oct 13, starting at 20:30.
  16. JochenL

    original campaign-logger.com certificate has expired last week

    The certificate is valid until Dec 1 2021. Can you please refresh your browser.
  17. JochenL

    Free Dungeons of Fate (German Edition) 1.0

    Dungeons of Fate (German Edition) Maybe you already know the original Dungeons of Fate by Sly Flourish and if not you may want to take a look: https://slyflourish.com/dungeons_of_fate.html This is the German Edition translated by me and based on the English PDF available on the page linked...
  18. JochenL

    LFP Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    That will be Theo. So you will bring Benedikt.
  19. JochenL

    LFP Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    Which character will you use?