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  1. Toasty

    VTTs: Beyond the Battlemap

    When people think of Virtual Table Tops (VTTs, such as Roll20, Foundry VTT, or others) they often think of battlemaps. These allow groups of players to coordinate the actions of their characters with respect to either the environment or other characters. This can be useful in some relatively...
  2. Toasty

    Using Logger with WoA

    So I am trying to figure out how to use Logger to organize my campaign that I am creating using Wizards of Adventure. I created a campaign. So far, so good. :) So I now have the following items I need to manage: Treasure Chest Adventure Plotline Milestones/5RDs Encounters How do I organize...
  3. Toasty

    Sorting Campaign Log entries in vNext

    I am a new Logger user, and I have decided to start all of my work in vNext. I realize it is beta, but I don't want to have to start off in a system which is going to be going away as soon as the vNext is released. One issue I have already run into is sorting Campaign Log entries. Whenever I...