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  1. Toasty

    [Experiment Has Ended] Looking for Foundry VTT owners who would like to help me test Foundry VTT hosting

    Ok, thanks. By the way, for you info, I am currently running a single instance of Foundry VTT on AWS using a t3.micro instance type, and I use WebRTC for A/V integration. Performance is great with 5 players, no lag, even using WebRTC for A/V (and we are all using video). This is running...
  2. Toasty

    [Experiment Has Ended] Looking for Foundry VTT owners who would like to help me test Foundry VTT hosting

    I'm struggling a bit to understand what you are trying to accomplish. I've got a Foundry VTT license, so I can help. But I'm not sure what you are asking from us. Do you just want us to setup a Foundry VTT instance? Or, are you expecting us to then play games with that instance? Are you...
  3. Toasty

    VTTs: Beyond the Battlemap

    When people think of Virtual Table Tops (VTTs, such as Roll20, Foundry VTT, or others) they often think of battlemaps. These allow groups of players to coordinate the actions of their characters with respect to either the environment or other characters. This can be useful in some relatively...
  4. Toasty

    Logger plus Wiki plus docs? What do you use?

    Yes, please send it to me (or give me a link) and I'd love to look into it.
  5. Toasty

    Using Logger with WoA

    So I am trying to figure out how to use Logger to organize my campaign that I am creating using Wizards of Adventure. I created a campaign. So far, so good. :) So I now have the following items I need to manage: Treasure Chest Adventure Plotline Milestones/5RDs Encounters How do I organize...
  6. Toasty

    Sorting Campaign Log entries in vNext

    I am a new Logger user, and I have decided to start all of my work in vNext. I realize it is beta, but I don't want to have to start off in a system which is going to be going away as soon as the vNext is released. One issue I have already run into is sorting Campaign Log entries. Whenever I...
  7. Toasty

    Logger plus Wiki plus docs? What do you use?

    Great! I would certainly vote for Foundry VTT integration! I'd even be willing to help, I've written a system for Foundry VTT and I'm familiar with what would be necessary to do this in a module as well (I'd been toying with the idea of writing it myself based on a similar module for Kanka).
  8. Toasty

    Logger plus Wiki plus docs? What do you use?

    This is an old thread, but it is a real problem I am dealing with right now. I'm trying to decide whether Logger is going to fit into my campaign mechanism or not, and if so, how. To start with, I use a VTT (in my case Foundry VTT). So I am looking at Foundry VTT (which has support for...
  9. Toasty

    Creating Campaign Entries from within Campaign Logs

    There is a mechanism from a wiki that I think worked well. If you have a link to a page that exists, the link shows up as blue. But if the link is to a page that doesn't yet exist, it is red. And clicking on a red link brings you to a new blank page where you can fill out information, after...
  10. Toasty


    Hi Everyone! I'm Toasty; I started playing D&D back in the late 70s, but stopped playing in the late 80s, and then got back into it again last year. I'd been playing D&D5e, but frankly I'm not very satisfied with it, and then I found HarnMaster, and I really enjoy it. I have recently started...