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  1. ExileInParadise

    Deal Alert

    Bundle of Holding has been on fire this year as well: https://bundleofholding.com/presents/Legacy2022 Battle Tech Total War and a very cool Indie bundle are also up.
  2. ExileInParadise

    How to heal in the dungeon?

    Bring a cleric or paladin is the traditional answer. Many dungeons are ruins of bygone days - some ancient outpost built for some forgotten reason. Unless the ruin was an ancient temple to a goddess of healing, why does there have to be *any* healing offered ? Treasure-seekers and explorers...
  3. ExileInParadise

    LFG Looking For Game Links and Resources

    Yes, the site is about RPGs - the "cardboard game" is a picture of a scale model kit of Moonbase Alpha from the British sci-fi TV series "Space: 1999" - I think the joke is that the "site is alpha" which relates to the name of the moonbase in the picture. That's also why I mentioned a commlock...
  4. ExileInParadise

    LFG Looking For Game Links and Resources

    Heck of a logo for an Alpha test. Got my commlock ready... But they won't let me fly Eagles anymore after that thing we agreed never to talk about.
  5. ExileInParadise

    RPT Newsletter #1,208 | How To Welcome The New Player

    That is how it's supposed to be. But there have been some places where I've walked in just to see what was up "oh boy a new game store? let's check it out!" - but when you walk in ... no one even looks up. No one scopes out if you're bringing books. No one says "hi". Reading this article...
  6. ExileInParadise

    RPT Newsletter #1,208 | How To Welcome The New Player

    This is such a great set of advice for so many venues / occasions related to tabletop. Have you ever walked into a game store in a new town and felt a wave of icy indifference? It would be great to see these printed and handed out around conventions, game stores, etc. This should also be a...
  7. ExileInParadise

    Future King Campaign and other

    Depends on how determined the assassin is ... hehehe.
  8. ExileInParadise

    RPT Newsletter #1,206 | d6 Tips For a Player's First Session

    RE: Cheat Sheet of Page Numbers: I have been using my tablet a lot for rules references - and PDFs have a huge drawback on tablets - they are huge and hard to navigate to specific pages. One tactic which is working pretty well for me is to break down the PDF into chapter chunks. Using Linux...
  9. ExileInParadise

    Feature Requests

    Well, if folks are really thinking of taking the suggestion seriously ... don't train someone else's service. Train your own. I know "let the cloud worry about it" is all the rage these days - but it really just involves too much bean-counting for me. Deploying a handful of tensorflow nodes on...
  10. ExileInParadise

    Deal Alert

    Yeah BoH wasn't kidding when they said 2022 was going to be in overdrive - I've grabbed more bundles this year alone than all years before ... combined.
  11. ExileInParadise

    Deal Alert

    A pretty decent bundle - I grabbed it since I've been putting off moving from GURPS 3E ... since whenever 4E landed in the early 00's. I have at least a meter of shelf occupied by GURPS3 ... and they put out a guide on converting 3E to 4E which I figured would be my parachute. No more excuses...
  12. ExileInParadise

    Feature Requests

    As a CL preview user, when I clone a page, out of habit I put quotes around any tag with spaces in the name as the new page name which CL preview creates as tag""name"", including the "'s - The clone page title box assumes quotes which I like, but if you type quotes anyway out of habit there...
  13. ExileInParadise

    Feature Requests

    As a CL preview user, thinking and typing all my thoughts is far too much work. I'd like to see CL linked to GPT-3 and DALL-E so that you could just point to the URL of a PDF on DTRPG and it imports to CL as auto-tagged pages already deep mined for all the campaign sandbox and hooks. Inspired...
  14. ExileInParadise

    Feature Requests

    As a CL user, when I use the "Clone Page" tool, I expected the Labels for the page would be copied to the clone as well.
  15. ExileInParadise

    Making the Interaction w/ the Front / Situation / Interesting

    If the opposition and the players' characters both have the same goal - they are driven straight into conflict. In your hivemind example - if the hive takes over allies, rivals, family, etc - then you've put the players directly in the path of the Invasion of the Body Snatchers - right up...
  16. ExileInParadise

    Star Wars Saga Edition to ICRPG Conversion

    I got the bundle of holding set for Index Card RPG back at the end of February. I haven't gotten far into it - but my initial skim was very positive - it reminds me a lot of the Year Zero Engine in the approach to keeping things straightforward. For Skills, Feats, and Talents, one tip that...
  17. ExileInParadise

    Realistic Science-Fiction RPG Star Maps

    I've copied up the detail of the planets, moons, rings, and clusters for my sandbox star system "Hipparcos 1368" https://armageddonmoon.com/salvage_space:star_system_maps The stars and lines in the images are very faint unless you click into the image and look at it full screen.
  18. ExileInParadise

    Get All Your Loot In One Place — Campaign Profile