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  1. BenS

    GM tactics and stratagems

    I love this a lot! I am currently planning a campaign that's inspired by the movie seven and my main villain will be a former military general with extensive tactical training that will start off the campaign by surrendering himself to the players and leaving everything else to his previous...
  2. BenS

    Treasure in prison?

    How about confiscated contraband? Additionally or alternatively, you could introduce a famous/powerful/rich prisoner (think Al Capone, Pablo Escobar, El Chapo...), who was either able to bring a lot of his wealth into prison or was even managing his gang business from prison. This could lead to...
  3. BenS

    [Ideation] Cyborg weapons systems research facility

    Some sort of extraction of human consciousness/brains (think dalek or cybermen from Dr. Who) Extreme extension of human capabilities (e.g. massive strength or speed, think space marines from wh40k) A rogue AI controlling the compound, trying to "update" the players 1:1 Clones of the players with...
  4. BenS

    Monster Tips

    Wow, really love the action economy trap/puzzle!
  5. BenS

    Adventure Outline Collection

    Six Idiots Inspiration: This one-shot was based on the idea that not all curses have to be inherently evil or corrupting, but might actually be intended to be bad jokes. Main idea: Give the players funny curses and let them work to get rid of them. Setting: It was designed to be rather on the...
  6. BenS

    Multiple DMs? Any experience / tips / ideas to make it work?

    There's two different things I believe you might be talking about: Taking turns DMing the same campaign Actually DMing together For the first I actually encourage my players to DM every once in a while between regular sessions, so that they get a feeling for what it means to DM and what a...
  7. BenS

    Adventure Outline Collection

    Republic of thieves Inspiration: "The Republic of Thieves" (Gentleman Bastards, Book 3 by Scott Lynch) Main Idea: The heroes are thrown into a gang war between three parties (+ a hidden one) and need to "resolve" it to save their friend Setting: I used a medieval fantasy city similar to Venice...
  8. BenS

    Adventure Outline Collection

    Hey guys, I am not sure how it is for you, but after constructing, playing and completing homebrew campaigns or adventures, I'd usually like to play them again, with the knowledge and experience I gained from the first run through. As this is rarely possible unless you DM in multiple groups, I...
  9. BenS


    Another player from Munich! Yay! Grüß dich aus Moosach :-)!
  10. BenS

    INSIGHT HELP, PLEASE! Characters' Arc: is it even possible in our campaigns?

    Something that's also often forgotten is the empty space between adventures, that can easily be used to further a characters personal story. Give the characters some time and ask the players what they did in that time. Speaking of too much work: I recently talked to a veteran player who...
  11. BenS

    Voices and accents

    I believe that accents (as many other things) can be used as shortcuts to save some time describing certain things. For example, when I want an npc to be a noble person, I'd switch to something like the posh upper class English of the royals. Immediately players will interpolate a lot based on...
  12. BenS

    Poll: What was the first non-D&D system you ever GM'd?

    There are other systems? :sneaky: Funny enough, the background story of TDE was that DnD was quite successful already in north america and Wizards of the Coast wanted to expand to Germany as there seemed to be a good market. They were already deep into the negotiations with Schmidt-Spiele in...
  13. BenS

    Interesting Magical Items

    As I haven't found anything similar yet, maybe we can create a list of magical items players can find. Of course there are major artifacts changing the fate of the world and classic attribute-boosters or spell-stores, but I am looking more for small items that are not overpowered or...
  14. BenS

    How to improve your descriptions?

    I usually try not to go inside-out but outside-in. For me, this means, I first try to imagine the broader context of things (the background) which then gradually leads me down an association chain that gets increasingly more detailed the closer we get to the actual scenes (the foreground). Neil...
  15. BenS

    Gaming in different languages

    I exclusively run my games in German, as I believe to have a pretty good grasp of English vernacular and business-speak but still believe I lack the detailed vocabulary required for a proper description of specific details of a fantasy-world. There are for example so many different words for...
  16. BenS

    What's your disaster recovery plan?

    Yeah, I also learned that the more detailed I prepare the more stuff I'll have to drop eventually. This can be nice, because that means I have to prepare less and can let the players co-define the plot by their actions and ideas, once a certain seed has been planted. I already had it a couple of...
  17. BenS

    What's your disaster recovery plan?

    Usually all adventures play out exactly the way we GMs envisioned them, all characters behave exactly like they are supposed to and the dice do their job exactly as we expect them to, right? Well...No. For me, the beauty of role-playing is in the things that surprise me. Things that are funny...
  18. BenS

    How long do your sessions usually last?

    I am not a fan of sessions during the work week and prefer saturday night sessions as it makes things more relaxed for all. During the week people tend to be sleepy and more stressed, as there is a very limited amount of time. That can keep players more focused, but sometimes also takes away...
  19. BenS

    How to reward players

    Now that you brought it up, I really like the idea about reputation! To make that reputation more "portable" one could also give the players insignia or letters of reference of renown npcs. That allows them to take their reputation with them, while still allowing the GM to decide if the NPCs...
  20. BenS

    How to reward players

    One of my biggest weaknesses as a GM is my lack of proper preparation and focus when it comes to rewarding my players for a completed adventure or campaign. To play the campaign I prefer intrinsic motivation of the players/characters and as a GM, I am quite content if a story was fun, the climax...