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  1. JochenL

    iCloud Rejecting Password Reset Mails

    Currently, iCloud is rejecting password reset mails you trigger from within Campaign Logger. I am investigating this problem and will keep you up to date.
  2. JochenL

    Beta: Testing

    I am looking for a couple of beta-testers for the next iteration of Campaign Logger! If you are interested, please write a personal message to me and tell me somewhat about your gaming and how you use Campaign Logger. I am looking for every level of expertise in both gaming and logging...
  3. JochenL


    To increase GDPR compliance I implemented some (temporary) changes today: TapaTalk has been removed as it injected an external resource even if you are not a TapaTalk user URLs are no longer unfurled for rich preview automatically as this would transfer data to foreign parties without your...
  4. JochenL

    Dice Codes

    Dice Codes 1d6: roll one six-sided die 2d6: roll two six-sided dice 2d6+3: roll two six-sided dice and add 3 to the result 2d6-7: roll two six-sided dice and subtract 7 from the result 1d30, 1d12, 1d100+1900: roll one 30-sided die, one twelve-sided die, and one 100-sided die and add 1900 to it...
  5. JochenL

    Forum Update!

    Today we updated the forum to the newest edition. There are some new features, e.g. Tables: Tables are now supported in XenForo! Please let us know if you encounter any problems.
  6. JochenL


    Greetings! Does anyone here have any knowledge of the system (v2) and would guide me through character creation and a little scenario online?
  7. JochenL

    Fun with Generators

    { "resultPattern": "{\"{dice:50d1000}-200.png\"||img}" }
  8. JochenL

    New Generator Formatting Available

    { "resultPattern": "{|do not display me\r\n|quiet} {|apple\r\n|indefinite} {|dice\r\n|indefinite}" } {|...|quiet} will not render the text {|...|indefinite} will render the indefinite article a or an before the text
  9. JochenL

    Peculiar Items

    Crystal Eye Compass This crystalline sphere is about the size of a giant’s eyeball. It is filled with a liquid wherein an actual eye is floating sluggishly. Sometimes it seems to be focusing on something in its sight, adjusting the size of its pupil. At all times it is orienting its gaze...
  10. JochenL

    Generator UI Public Beta

    The new Generator UI is there! You can now maintain your generators in one place Use a nice code editor instead of that small edit field in CL itself Not a coder? Try the form-based editor! Write - Test - Run Read the announcement...
  11. JochenL

    Community Downtime

    Beginning tomorrow morning, Jan 11th 2019 - 09:00 CET, will be down for several hours for maintenance.
  12. JochenL

    Generator Downtime

    From 2:30 PM GMT till about 3:30 PM GMT - today, 12/13/18 - there will be a scheduled downtime of the Generator Service to implement all the changes in production that we were testing in staging during the last week.
  13. JochenL

    Crunchy "Open" RPG System

    I like GURPS and I like Fate. Sometimes Fate is missing the crunch I love, sometimes GURPS is too detailed in parts. I like a modular and versatile system, scaling up and down, and yielding comparable characters across genres. Sadly, GURPS is a closed system, so I can't build a streamlined...
  14. JochenL

    Portfolio Importer Updated to work with PF (and likely all other) *.POR Files, too

    Thanks to the work of @CoryG, the Portfolio Importer can now work through all POR files and create stat blocks for your characters. We tested this for PF-SRD *.POR files. To trigger the import from inside Campaign Logger, click this icon when you are within a log: In the following dialog...
  15. JochenL

    New Formatting Options: Horizontal Rule, Ordered/Unordered Lists, Small Caps

    Code for horizontal rules To get a horizontal rule, start the line with two dashes "--" and don't add any more text to that line. Ordered and unordered lists Simply start consecutive lines with "# " and you'll get an ordered list. Simply start consecutive lines with "- " and you'll get an...
  16. JochenL

    Pathfinder Playtest

    We just finished our first session and these are my impressions: Character generation now gives a lot more choices, PRO: diversity, CON: takes longer Gameplay is faster (everything is based on proficiency now) Three actions instead of one move, one standard, one immediate, etc. is more easier...
  17. JochenL

    Images in Log Entries and Generator Outputs

    To add an image to a log entry (or to generator output) just use the URL syntax and append "|img":
  18. JochenL

    Beta: Markdown and Form Code

    I have been working on two new features recently: Markdown & Form Code. These features are in Beta stage, please use carefully and only on non-critical log entries! Markdown To activate markdown for an entry, start the entry with ?MD and use the CommonMark markdown syntax...
  19. JochenL

    What Next?

    We want to invite you to vote for the next steps we will take! Option 1: Mobile Apps Currently the mobile apps are not available in the app stores as they need an overhaul to comply with GDPR guidelines. Besides that they are a good chunk of features behind the web app. Voting for this option...
  20. JochenL

    Campaign Logger Site Status