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  1. JohnnFour

    Clever ways to drop clues

    A great response from RPT GM Mark Douglas: No. 13 in your table is rich for development and even as a theme for a campaign. Each of three king/rulers knows a clue. First, do they know that they know? Do they know it as a clue to something (treasure) or as an inherited prophecy that portends a...
  2. JohnnFour

    Online Gaming Tips

    From RPT GM Joe: Hey Johnn, I ran a weekly Star Wars game online for almost 5 years and learned a lot. Last week I had to transition my in person game to virtual. Like you, I wanted something simple (also needed to be cheap). When I really thought about it, I wanted to be able to show the...
  3. JohnnFour

    3 Line NPCs Thread

    Galt, Collossai Headtaker Appearance: Green, leather garb, green camouflage patterned cloak, thick beard hides a scarred face, a pair of large cleavers hang on his belt. Portrayal: More at ease alone in the forest hunting goblins and giants than in the city, his words are few and movements...
  4. JohnnFour

    Export Campaign Log Complete w/ Loopy Planning

    Yup, will do! I hear you on Fronts. I too scooped the idea from Dungeon World but treat them a bit differently. And I call them Adventures. You have a big conflict. From that you spin off multiple plots or Adventures. I wrote about that this morning as part of an upcoming tutorial for...
  5. JohnnFour

    Export Campaign Log Complete w/ Loopy Planning

    Yup! I use Fronts and checklists. I'm putting the checklists into future newsletters as I write them. Today, the checklists are just in my head, so I'll put pen to paper and get them out. Got one coming up for campaign alerts. And am working on the campaign checklist a bit more tonight. For...
  6. JohnnFour

    Export Campaign Log Complete w/ Loopy Planning

    Great suggestion, Gary. We're working on a new version of Campaign Logger right now. I'm planning to release an importable file of one of my campaigns for the new version. All my current campaigns are session note logs, which would be meaningless. I keep testing new apps, lol. I was in World...
  7. JohnnFour

    3 Line NPCs Thread

    Stefane, Knight Captain of the Hydra Guard, city of Ashguard Appearance: Always gleaming head to toe in plate armour. Portrayal: Stern, unsmiling, and always a stickler for laws and rules. Hook: Is a half-fiend, father's side, and hides it. Secretly worships Orcus.
  8. JohnnFour

    3 Line NPCs Thread

    Errook, Gnall Pack-Leader Appearance: Tall and strong, notched axe, bronze armband, big red "heavyweight champion" style belt, wolf pelt cloak. Portrayal: Acute sense of danger which causes his hackles to rise, natural leader. Hook: His brother killed their father, the King, and he's vowed to...
  9. JohnnFour

    Quick NPC Hack

    RPT GM Patrick Richert has this great NPC hack: Here's a tip that I've used for creating NPCs, mostly on the fly, and one that Taliesin Jaffe uses as well. Keep the list of the 7 dwarves handy, and if you need an NPC, pick two of the dwarves, and use those aspects for the character. Sleepy...
  10. JohnnFour

    Voice & Roleplay Tips

    Got this great tip from RPT GM Rob Adams: Just a quick comment about differentiating characters -- "voice" isn't simply vocal modulation and accents. For instance, a proper noble might enunciate his words a little more clearly, use language that suggests a subconscious superiority complex, and...
  11. JohnnFour

    Clever ways to drop clues

    I brainstormed this list for Monday's Musing. Here are some ideas for doling out clues in different ways. d30 Fantasy Clue Methods A prophecy written on an amphora now in shards Written as a cypher on a bookmark inside a book it's the key for Carved with a dagger and scarred into the back of a...
  12. JohnnFour

    Crafty Dice Online Mapper

    An interesting approach for building an online mapper: https://rollinitiative.netlify.com/home
  13. JohnnFour

    3 Line NPCs Thread

    Spix, Guido's imp Appearance: Small, warty red skin, barbed tail, small horns, and leathery wings (likes to change shape into a red hairy spider). Portrayal: Mischievous with a mean streak. It likes to set dangerous traps as pranks. Hook: Formerly a general demoted by an Archdevil for losing a...
  14. JohnnFour

    List of Digital GM Tools

    This list will start small and grow over time. Please share below what apps and sites you use to help your GMing. The goal here is to list only good tools — ones you'd give at least a 3 star rating to. Campaign Organization Campaign Logger => https://www.roleplayingtips.com/campaign-logger/...
  15. JohnnFour

    Importing tag listings

    Also, are you aware of the Export function @RobD? You probably are, but just in case you are not - on the main logs screen you can export a log to a plain text or JSON file. You could then import the JSON into a new log, delete unneeded entries, export again, and import into your campaign log...
  16. JohnnFour

    Importing tag listings

    Hi Rob! Not at this time, unfortunately. Unless you can think of a workaround @JochenL?
  17. JohnnFour

    Share Example Log

    Great suggestion! Thanks Gary.
  18. JohnnFour


    Welcome, everyone!
  19. JohnnFour

    Kumu relationship graphs

    Wasn't there a Campaign Logger ad-on someone developed to visualize Tag relationships?
  20. JohnnFour

    Die roller - dice rooms

    More here: https://campaign-community.com/index.php?threads/online-dice-rollers.617/