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  1. Rardian


    Hey guys, my name is Björn, and I'm from Berlin, Germany, but currently living in Lower Saxony (still Germany). I started roleplaying in '89 after I found a solo adventure of DSA (The Dark Eye) lying around in my cousin's home. He explained to me briefly what it was about, and I was enthralled...
  2. Rardian

    Kumu relationship graphs

    Wow, that looks really nice! Haven't found an API for kumu, yet. It looks like a tool you can use online and import or edit data within. Have you tried it, @Hannu?
  3. Rardian

    Campaign Logger feature roadmap?

    We're currently running a closed beta and are hoping to release a public beta soon. (No pressure, dear devs, take all the time you need! :D) Maybe we can even give you something like a roadmap to the roadmap!
  4. Rardian

    Visualize Relations

    I just uploaded a new version with a physics option set differently. With that option a wobbly network with treshold 2 gets stable with treshold 1. You might want to try a lower treshold again. Unless your satisfied with the results, that is.
  5. Rardian

    Visualize Relations

    I just uploaded a version with a treshold input field. If you change the field value you have to drag your file into the text box again. Please try with higher values than 2.
  6. Rardian

    Visualize Relations

    Thank you ELF! I might add some options later, e.g. how thick lines should get. If you have other suggestions please let me know.
  7. Rardian

    Visualize Relations

    The framework i used (Vis JS) tries to balance out the nodes (you can also drag a node around). So sometimes it seems to happen that you get an "instable" network which the framework continously tries to balance out. My solution was to increase the relation treshold so single relations are...
  8. Rardian

    Visualize Relations

    Ever wanted to see who bonded with whom? Who are the outsiders in your campaign? Who are the key persons? I started experimenting with a visualization of character relations. You can find the current result here: https://minor-level-7863.roast.io/ (it's free hosting, so no guarantees for...
  9. Rardian

    Bug: Scaled images in PDF export

    Scaled images are shown properly now in the generated pdf. Good work! I found some more irregularities with the chronology export but will file them in a new thread, for better separation of topics.
  10. Rardian

    Bug: Scaled images in PDF export

    Thanks! :D I'm currently using CL heavily as a player log to help my GMs and other players to get our campaigns "straight". I'm mainly using the stream function but yesterday I tried the PDF export again after a long time. A lucky find indeed! If you need any more information, please let me know.
  11. Rardian

    Bug: Scaled images in PDF export

    When trying to export a log to pdf ("chronology") the export aborts on occurence of the first scaled image, example entry: {"https://wallup.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/06/353919-landscape-nature-road-forest-mist-shrubs-morning-atmosphere-trees.jpg" | Der Wald von Villerville |img-x350}...
  12. Rardian

    Feature Requests

    Maybe when you click on an entry link you get to choose (e.g. a two-selection context menu pops up) if you want to see the core entry or the filtered list as of now? For power users the core entry could be selected by CTRL-clicking an entry.
  13. Rardian

    Feature Requests

    It would be very cool if I could define a main tag out of the aliases. What I also would find very helpful: To define entries as "main source" of the tag, like for the main description. That way the description could be shown in a tooltip when hovering over the tag in other entries.
  14. Rardian

    Images in Log Entries and Generator Outputs

    Google Drive links don't seem to work, either. Which cloud services are working with CL? Dropbox?
  15. Rardian

    Less prominent button for resetting password

    Hey guys, I think I hit the reset password button on the CL login page some times too often on mobile by now. :D My phone browser shows me only a half of the login screen and the only button I see is "Lost your password?" which I press almost instantly when getting the dialog. I wanted to create...