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  1. Ithril

    How I Got Started With Campaign Logger

    I've noticed on longer responses to queries, he seems to break down. The final couple of paragraphs for me seem to be random adjectives strung together in a run-on list: "3.Virtues All worshippers charge actions sufficient layering encompassing priorities expanding charity exercised...
  2. Ithril

    Preview: Campaign Table Top (beta access)

    Thank you for your dedicated work to this VTT program! I have another suggestion to add to the probably endless list of things you want to implement, and suggestions from other users: Character Sheets! Even better if you can do customizable character sheets that would allow Game Masters to...
  3. Ithril

    Feature Suggestion: Support for foreign characters

    Times Roman has the extended characters, it's just a pain to have to enter them from the character map. I'm not savvy enough to have figured out how to get them (or which one I'm getting) through simple keyboard commands. In Word, I was using the symbol font which accesses them through...
  4. Ithril

    Feature Suggestion: Support for foreign characters

    O, coool. How is that done. I tried copying from word. Obviously that failed. I
  5. Ithril

    Feature Suggestion: Support for foreign characters

    I often use foreign alphabet letters (specifically Greek) for placeholders for certain characters when I'm building a story. I think it would be handy for CL to be able to display these characters. Thanks I
  6. Ithril

    Name generators for standard fantasy races

    Oh, I almost forgot. The 'core chapters' that are included with the program have most of the Tolkein languages in them already. I
  7. Ithril

    Name generators for standard fantasy races

    This has already been done, and brilliantly. There's a shareware program by Sami Pyörre called the Everchanging Book of Names. You can register it for a small fee, or use it unregistered with limited functionality (it automatically closes after generating a set number of names). Once you...