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When you can't log into Campaign Logger

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We're finding a common support issue regarding GMs not being able to log into CL, especially in Chrome.

If you encounter this situation, here are some steps to take to quickly fix the issue:
  1. Clear cache and cookies for campaign-logger.com. Sometimes data gets corrupted in your local files and what looks like a failed login is actually the app not being able to read the broken data. Clearing cache and cookies forces the app to re-download your data.
  2. Ad blockers. These can interfere with the scripts required to authenticate with our campaign-identity.com server. Turn off ad blockers and try logging in again.
  3. Javascript turned off. Developers and other folks use this option for their work. This results in blocking the scripts needed for us to lo you in. Activate javascript and try again.
  4. Dev tools. If you fiddle with settings, this can result in javascript and other features being turned off that are required for login. Please disable dev tools and try logging in again.

Another thing you can do is try logging in from another browser. If you can login via Safari but not Chrome, then you at least know it's a browser issue and not an account issue.

As always, if you get stuck file a support ticket.