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  1. JohnnFour

    Tip Request: Ports

    RPT GM Ronald asked me for tips on how to game shipping ports: Does anyone have ideas, tips, or resources? I'm also personally curious about whether sea ports are the same as space ports, in game terms. Maybe @ExileInParadise you have some thoughts on that?
  2. JochenL

    How to improve your descriptions?

    I have experimented with varying details and kinds of description: From (a) only the most obvious info (waiting for players to ask for more) to (b) very detailed info From (c) sense by sense to (d) most dominant first to (e) (in my opinion) most important last And I am not satisfied: (a)...
  3. ObiJanKenobi

    Trap hinting/foreshadowing

    Hi guys, i don`t know if this is the right place to ask this question. I am in a bit of a loss, because i have an idea for a trap but don't know how to hint it to my players. My thoughts are you as a DM have to give the players a chance to discover a trap, otherwise it is just cruel. And i...
  4. S

    Logger plus Wiki plus docs? What do you use?

    Hi all I'm interested to know how Logger fits into your GM 'workflow' for you all... Me, I was drawn to Logger because I try to keep detailed session notes during play. Previously I've done this by hand in A4 notebooks, scribbling down what the characters get up to, noteworthy speeches, and...
  5. Nemsoli

    Dealing with play over Skype, Discord, and Zoom?

    So at today's game (one where I'm a player, but I also GM other games) the topic of talking over each other came up. This is particularly notable now, but happens even in person. So what tips and tricks do you have? Someone suggested a baton, but I pointed out this is difficult to do.
  6. ELF

    Gamemastering articles

    Every now and then some random source features a generic article on gamemastering advice. Maybe they are worth collecting? This week Kotaku ran just this kind of an article - with pointers to some great online sources for further reading (with some missing links)...
  7. TheRoeler

    Advice on how to start logging

    I've had access to Campaign Logger from the start and have tried to implement it into my game sessions several times but the chaos in my GM head during a session always made me forgot to take notes. I am now trying once more and now I want to succeed. I tried to find some advice / resources but...
  8. danieljdavis

    Usage best practice/hack?

    Just got signed up this morning and am excitedly digging into the app. However, one thing that I know is on the roadmap is the ability to create a master or core entry for a tag. That’s the functionality I’m really wanting right now. But, mostly, I just want to be able to find that core...