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bug report

  1. P

    [vNext] Bullet points not working in table cells

    Hi Jochen, I tried to enter a bulleted list in a table cell but it doesn't work, meaning that the * I put as bullet stays as * and does not convert to a bullet. Am I missing something? Happy logging!
  2. L

    Output file format in vNext

    I've been trying out the beta for vNext, and ran into an issue: On the logs screen, when I click the download button, I am getting a download of filetype jfproj. I was a bit surprised by this, as I expected the file to be in json format, as it was before (which can make transferring info into...
  3. V

    Tag auto-completion not always working

    As I add new entries to my Campaign Entries I find that those tags don't immediately auto-complete when making Campaign Logs. For example, in Campaign Entries I create a character name "Rolund". Then I go to Campaign Logs and start creating a new log, and I type "@r" to summon an auto-complete...
  4. V

    Generator UI sign in issues?

    Hi All, I just joined this community and am really excited about creating generators! Unfortunately when I log in to the Generator UI site from Chrome or Safari on my Mac desktop, it immediately kicks me back out to the sign-in page. Same thing happens in Safari on my iPad. The only browser...
  5. Kikketer

    Recent email is impossible to read

    I just got an email titled "Fantastic Factions => 4 Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Villain Factions". It sounded interesting enough but the email itself isn't rendering properly. I'm using standard GMail via the web, so nothing crazy on my end. It appears this way on mobile as well.
  6. JochenL

    CID Downtime

    CID is currently down. This is affecting login to CL and CC. I am investigating.
  7. Matt

    Tag dropdown confusion/error

    Hi! When I'm using a tag symbol in vNext the dropdown list shows multiple versions of the same entry with and without symbols, e.g. "Dr. Doom" and "Dr Doom" or "Double-barrelled" and "Double barrelled".
  8. Matt

    CL Problems in Safari

    Hi! I use vNext on an iPad with iOS 13.6.1 and a bluetooth keyboard for logging when playing. It's a nice small setup. After the login to CL I get a mostly white screen (picture attached). Only after I click at one of the links and go back it shows the regular starting content. When I do nothing...
  9. Y

    Generator UI Problems

    Hey, I have an issue. I went to this page and clicked log in: https://generator-ui.campaign-logger.com/generator-ui afterward I started to make a gen and before I can start pasting from the JSON collection it goes back to the same page listed above. I tried updating my computer thinking that...
  10. ELF

    Repeated subheadings not rendering

    A CL bug has been reported on the RPT Discord: https://discordapp.com/channels/274990379017830401/274990379017830401/659817895974666240
  11. Hannu

    Campaign-logger pages tout 2018

    ’How would you like to be the most organized GM you've ever been, in 2018?’ take the year away :-)
  12. L

    Unable to sorting log entries

    Hi, I'm unable to sort the log entries, I click on Move to Up and Move to Down and nothing happens. Only the Move to Down works. Maybe I'm missing something? I've only 4 entries, do I need more of them?
  13. magian

    URL Links not working for me

    I am following the cheatsheet, but the hyperlinking isn't working. Named link {"https://example.com"|Site} Unnamed link {"https://example.com/"|} Any recommendations?
  14. JohnnFour

    Generator - Empty Table Entries Now Supported

    News from Malte about a bug about to be squashed next code update: { "name": "NPC_questions", "resultPattern": "{init}{result}", [...] // shortened for this message "tables: [ { "name": "exclusive", "explanation": "Extra rare...
  15. Rardian

    Bug: Scaled images in PDF export

    When trying to export a log to pdf ("chronology") the export aborts on occurence of the first scaled image, example entry: {"https://wallup.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/06/353919-landscape-nature-road-forest-mist-shrubs-morning-atmosphere-trees.jpg" | Der Wald von Villerville |img-x350}...
  16. danieljdavis

    campaign-logger.com unexpectedly closed the connection.

    Can’t load the site from Chrome for iOS for some reason for about an hour today. Background image loads? But then nothing.