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  1. L

    Output file format in vNext

    I've been trying out the beta for vNext, and ran into an issue: On the logs screen, when I click the download button, I am getting a download of filetype jfproj. I was a bit surprised by this, as I expected the file to be in json format, as it was before (which can make transferring info into...
  2. JochenL

    Generator UI/Service Updates

    The generator service has been switched to the new formatting syntax of CL vNext. This mostly affects links and images: Instead of {"https://example.com"|Site} {"https://example.com/image.png"|Caption|img} Use [Site](https://example.com) ![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption")
  3. Barbarulo

    ETA to Take vNext Live?

    Just curious as to whether you have an eta when vNext will be out of beta? Or at least the default version of CL?
  4. S

    Organizing Logs in Campaign Logger vNext

    I mentioned this is a totally different (non-beta-related) thread, but... I dislike the way literally everything is just called a "log" with no way to differentiate between levels when talking about them. It makes it tough to communicate what we're talking about here, AND makes it hard to...
  5. JohnnFour

    Preview: Campaign Logger vNext (beta access)

    Here's a video I made that shows some of the new stuff coming in vNext. I also made this video to show beta testers the current state to help you navigate around. I you choose to particpiate in the beta, the link is below and you can log into the beta using your normal Campaign Logger...