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  1. JohnnFour

    Another idea: Discord bot integration

    It would be cool to some day feed generator results into Discord for GMs who have Discord servers for games and prep.
  2. Hannu

    Feature request for generators in the new interface

    make it possible to see the full name of the generator on the menu list. i have lots of generators whose name gets cut off in the menu list
  3. Lensman

    Can a Generator call up & roll on other generators?

    Hi. I have an idea for either a random background generator or a full-on random npc generator for my campaign. The way i'm thinking, I will need a series of individual genrators to use as tables. then I will have one generator that rolls upon all of them in different ways. My current thinking...
  4. JochenL

    Generator UI/Service Updates

    The generator service has been switched to the new formatting syntax of CL vNext. This mostly affects links and images: Instead of {"https://example.com"|Site} {"https://example.com/image.png"|Caption|img} Use [Site](https://example.com) ![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption")
  5. ExileInParadise

    Cepheus Engine: 1,000,001 Characters

    If you play Traveller, especially Classic Traveller, Mongoose Traveller 1E or Cepheus Engine and you don't want to wait around for your players to kill off a few hundred characters for you to turn into NPCs, then give this a look: Cepheus Engine Supplement 1: 1,000,001 Characters...
  6. JohnnFour

    Stars Without Number Sector Generator

  7. Gerald.Lock

    SciFi (Star Wars) Job Generator

    SciFi (Star Wars) Job Generator This is an excellent set of d10 tables - replete with detailed results text - which you can use randomly or selectively to generate adventure seeds: https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/89435-the-random-job-generator/ With some modifications these...
  8. JohnnFour

    List of NPC Generators

    There are a few of them out there and would like to put a bigger list together. My list is especially short on sci-fi and modern NPC generators. D&D 5E https://rpgtinker.com/ http://miniworlds.online/generators/generateNPC.html http://www.fastcharacter.com/ => more of a quick PC generator...
  9. JohnnFour

    Need ideas for a generator

    Hola RPT GMs! I humbly ask a quest you. No geas, this is only if you like brainstorming lists. I've got this Mad Lib: A note found on [a dead body] at [the edge of town] speaks of a conspiracy to kill [the town council] and to [subjugate] [people]. Square brackets mean I want a list of...
  10. JohnnFour

    Very cool mapper in development

  11. Frost Birch

    Filter options for generator

    Is there a way to force a result for a generator? I was looking at the five-room dungeon generator for an "apprentice-level" dungeon but had to reset or reroll several times to get one. then many many more to get a second to compare. If there was a way to filter t
  12. jrrnewton

    Passing variables in generators

    In looking for answers to this, I searched the site, and found the following post: Helpful to have those links, but they were not really helpful in writing generators (many gaps, etc). I'm trying to understand how to pass a variable back up to a calling generator. I've read through the...
  13. A

    Nested generators

    Is it possible to create a nested generator? Where the value for one generator can the result of another generator? I'm thinking along the lines of Xanathar's Guide to Everything, in the "This is your life" section. They do things like "roll for the status of this sibling", and one option is...
  14. Y

    Generator UI Problems

    Hey, I have an issue. I went to this page and clicked log in: https://generator-ui.campaign-logger.com/generator-ui afterward I started to make a gen and before I can start pasting from the JSON collection it goes back to the same page listed above. I tried updating my computer thinking that...
  15. ELF

    Generator Guide 2020-07-06

    This document explains how to create random generators for Campaign Logger using JSON files.
  16. Y

    Somebody help me with this snippet

    Hey there, I've been meaning to add a random name that I plan to add as a part to a generator I've already made and it refuses to work. Johnn said he didn't know what was wrong with it either. Can somebody help? { "name":"RandomOne", "resultPattern":"{nmZero}" { "name": "nmZero"...
  17. S

    Newbie here, a few questions (PCs vs NPCs etc)

    Hi all Just subscribed to Campaign Logger and starting to build up a log for my new Offworlders campaign (well, a one-shot with ambitions). I've a few questions on use, would appreciate advice: should i be using the beta? Or get used to the release version first? I don't see a built-in way to...
  18. B

    Question: Can Generator pull from logger's tags?

    i just wondered, is it possible to point the generator to a tag table in our logs and pull a random entry from @ or § ? with all the data we already dump into the logs, not only could we save time but we could mine our own logs for data and get some totally random relations all of a sudden.
  19. JohnnFour

    Preview: Generator Service (beta)

    Custom generators help game masters build adventures and improvise. You can create as many generators you like with Campaign Logger. The current generator builder is functional, but missing some features and accessibility. So we've created a Campaign Logger add-on with the working title of...
  20. JohnnFour

    Ideas for bulk generator data entry?

    The Generator Service is fantastic for setting up and managing your generators. It's not good right now at bulk adding entries. The feature is in the backlog, but vNext will be our prirority in 2020. My current process is to use Excel. I put entries into a sheet, add all the syntax, export to...