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  1. JochenL

    Generator UI/Service Updates

    The generator service has been switched to the new formatting syntax of CL vNext. This mostly affects links and images: Instead of {"https://example.com"|Site} {"https://example.com/image.png"|Caption|img} Use [Site](https://example.com) ![Alt Text](https://example.com/image.png "Caption")
  2. JochenL

    Dice Codes

    Dice Codes 1d6: roll one six-sided die 2d6: roll two six-sided dice 2d6+3: roll two six-sided dice and add 3 to the result 2d6-7: roll two six-sided dice and subtract 7 from the result 1d30, 1d12, 1d100+1900: roll one 30-sided die, one twelve-sided die, and one 100-sided die and add 1900 to it...
  3. JochenL

    New Generator Formatting Available

    { "resultPattern": "{|do not display me\r\n|quiet} {|apple\r\n|indefinite} {|dice\r\n|indefinite}" } {|...|quiet} will not render the text {|...|indefinite} will render the indefinite article a or an before the text
  4. Hannu

    Should the header tags work in a generator

    I tried == {b|Unit name} == no joy. What is the syntax?