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  1. JochenL

    Beta: Markdown and Form Code

    I have been working on two new features recently: Markdown & Form Code. These features are in Beta stage, please use carefully and only on non-critical log entries! Markdown To activate markdown for an entry, start the entry with ?MD and use the CommonMark markdown syntax...
  2. T

    Password reset works now, but it's too late for some people too curious for their own good

    The "Request a password be emailed to you" link is now working fine. But my original account ELF is in a limbo because of my earlier testing of that link. I never received a password email and now am unable to login to that account with the old password. Could "someone" (i.e. @JochenL) please...
  3. T

    Unable to login using existing account if logged to CL with another email address

    This may be a corner case, but it seems that it's not possible to login if the following are true: created a forum account using a different email address than with Campaign Logger attempt to login from a machine where I am logged in to CL On the login page, I have my gmail address (that I...