Beta: Markdown and Form Code


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I have been working on two new features recently: Markdown & Form Code.

These features are in Beta stage, please use carefully and only on non-critical log entries!


To activate markdown for an entry, start the entry with ?MD and use the CommonMark markdown syntax:

Markdown (GitHub flavored):

# H1

As I expected, MD isn't really working that great (yet) with auto-tagging, but see for yourself.

Form Code

To activate form code for an entry, start the entry with ?FC and use this custom syntax:

[ ] --> unchecked checkbox
[x] --> checked checkbox

[[]] --> empty single-line input field
[[some text]] --> filled single-line input field

[[[]]] --> empty multi-line input field
[[[Some Text
with line breaks
]]] --> filled multi-line input field

Changing the value (and in case of input fields leaving the field) will trigger a background edit and save of that entry.
Currently, this sometimes does not work which seems to be an issue of focus and browser behavior.


Generator Sage
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@JochenL, how do you see the status of the form field tagging? Are you happy enough with it so that it will become a permanent, non-beta feature?

Asking because it would be great with templates.