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Borderland - A Collection of Names

Stephan Hornick

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This thread is intended to collect all names and descriptors of peoples and places to easily recollect an NPC's or locations' name and let's you decide on your next mision etc.


Dancing Cauldron
Merryweather Limbeck: Grey-haired innkeep of the Dancing Cauldron in Holt-Lindeck.​
Gervin Limbeck: A young man, who wants to become a writer or a bard, son of Merryweather and waiter at the Dancing Cauldron.​
Echawan: Nichuan's younger Riksharr sister who works as a barmaid at the Dancing Cauldron.​
Nisalach: Nichuan's older Riksharr sister who wants to become a caravan guard like her parents.​
Karlach: Nichuan's mother, who lost all hope after losing her hand and husband.​
Council of Holt-Lindeck​
Willert Moosball: Halfling magistrate of Holt-Lindeck.​
Jana Hemlock: Oath advisor of Holt-Lindeck's council.​
Forlon Fudge: Tax collector of Holt-Lindeck.​
Trivor Halberstein: Council member of Holt-Lindeck, responsible for finances.​
Master Durok: Dwarven Guildmaster of Metalworks and smith.​
Felbok Winterloft: Armor smith of Holt-Lindeck.​
Holbok Winterloft: Weapon smith of Holt-Lindeck.​
Mistress Hemla Dornholt: Guildmaster of Stoneworks.​
Uvrat from Cobbleroad: Mason of Holt-Lindeck.​
Master Jeremias Feldwerk: Guildmaster of Woodworks.​
Nimrod Nail: Carpenter of Holt-Lindeck.​
Mistress Ravanna Priem: Guildmaster of Leatherworks.​
Master Zervikal: Guildmaster of Clothworks.​
Mistress Gemma Al'Amlinn: Guildmaster of Entertainers.​
Caspir Holt: A bard in the service of Mistress Gemma Al'Amlinn, who Eremis broke his nose due to cheating in a card game, and who Korsahc broke the hand because of the same.​
Rinaldi dela Capistrano: Swordmaster of the north, first blade of Mistress Al'Amlinn, and the best dancer of this city (or so he says)​
Borderland Explorers - An Adventurers' Guild (not yet founded!)​
Drowning Prision
Korsahc: A half-orc barbarian of the Bloody Hand Tribe, who broke Caspir's hand and fought a duel with Arthur and is now held captive in the Drowning Prison.​
Magister Gernwald Berling: Headmaster of the Free College of Holt-Lindeck, also known as the Ramshackle Tower, the Magician Academy of Light.​
Liushard of Gorn: Lieutenant of the city guard, whom Eremis hit in the face for spilling wine onto him.​
Alt-Auheim, Norbrug
Odilon Fußtreu: Halfling head constable, and regular customer at the Black Bear Inn.​
Rosalind: Human ferry woman.​
Alt-Auheim, Subrug
Snilkis Samtstein: Gnomish leader of the tent town of Auheim exiles.​
Frundir Samtstein: Gnomish miner from Auheim, who died of the disease after coming to Holt-Lindeck.​

Merwild Dusk of Amber: Gnomish city administrator of Auheim.​
Meredith Everbread (Rissa): Merryweather's sister in Auheim, who is the landlady of the Lucky Cauldron there.​
Eren Everbread: Meredith's almost no longer pubescent son who works the watchtower in Auheim.​
Ereska Meerhaven: A half-Riksharr that Eremis is looking for and that was spotted in Auheim.​

Magister Uri Grabenstein: Magician from Freiholt, who apparently conjured Amon-al-Devol himself 30 years ago.​

Somewhere Else In the Borderlands
Gruzzak: Orc general of the Blackfang Tribe who occupy the Falkenstayn Barony.​
† Augustinius: An archmage who disappeared a hundred years ago and is said to still have a magic tower somewhere. He is the author of the summoning ritual of Amon-al-Devol.​

Somewhere in the South-East of the Warring Kingdoms
Kevren Gladis: Current Earl of Highcastle.​
Nephratee Gladis: The Earl's mother.​
Gerth Gladis: The Earl's father.​
Ulissian Gladis: The Earl's uncle and general of the Gladis Army.​
Father Helmstaed: Castle priest, accountant, teacher and head advisor of the Earl in Highcastle.​
Ioleth: An old carpenter of Honeyglen.​

Somewhere Else
Amon-al-Devol: A demon of knowledge summoned by Hogar.​
Turrh'Zzarrh'Chorraz: An arch demon summoned by the shaman of the Blackfang Tribe, who gave Gruzzak additional powers.​
Gram si Alachmes: A Riksharr caravan leader.​
Auminius: An assassin for the Gladis family.​
Galvin Readbeard: A dwarven merchant of exotic goods.​

(If you notice something amiss or missing, please post.)
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Stephan Hornick

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¤ Holt-Lindeck (Tier 0):

Wolfwood (Tier ?):
Moonclaw of Wolfwood (Tier 2): Monument fabled to lie deep in the Wolfwood south of Old King’s Road. According to legend, it harbors the remnants of the last Heavenly Wolf.​
Wasteland of Durkmar (Tier ?): Between the Warring Kingdoms and the Akrassian Empire.

West (Towards: Old King's Road)
Hag Marshes (Tier 3): A several miles wide strip of wetland separates the warring kingdoms and the Borderland. It is the home of several hag covens and their goblinoid minions.
Warring Kingdoms (Tier ?): A land to the West where several kingdoms fight for supremacy.
¤ Highcastle Earlship (Tier ?):
¤ Honeyglen (Tier 0):

Twilight Forest (Tier 1): North of the Old King’s Road lies this deep forest, rumored to be the home of nefarious robbers and cannibals.
Pirate Coast (Tier ?):

North (Towards: Lower Linner)
¤ Halberstein (Tier 0):
¤ Falkenstayn Barony (Tier ?):
Griffin Hills (Tier ?):
Amber Sea (Tier ?):
All Frozen (Tier ?):

Black Fang Knolls (Tier ?):
Cave of Abyssal Gloom (Tier 1):
Somewhere to the north of the Dwarven Caravan Road lies a system of caves. The central cavern harbors a shaft leading down into eternal darkness. Weird sounds from far below are the only hints at what lies down there.
Fairy Water (Tier 2): A large system of lakes to the north of the Dwarven Caravan Road, shrouded in mist and rumored to lie near the border of the Otherworld.
Mirror Lake (Tier 3): The only lake not connected to the Fairy Water and not shrouded in mist. Legend holds that when the moon is mirrored in the water on clear nights, a portal to the Moonrealm is opened for anyone willing to leave this world behind.​
Ancestral East (Tier ?):

East (Towards: Dwarven Caravan Road / Silver Linner)
¤ Acht-Ziegen (Tier 0): A small village just past the bridge.
¤ Alt-Auheim, Norbrug (Tier 0): A small halfling village.
¤ Alt-Auheim, Subrug (Tier 0):
¤ Auheim (Tier ?):
Silver Peaks (Tier 1):
Former Dwarven gold mines reopened as silver mines by Gnomes. They rapidly grew Auheim to the second largest settlement in the region.
Giant Ridge (Tier 2): High cliffs and rugged hills north of the Dwarven Caravan Road, home to giants and goblinoids.
¤ Krackstone (Tier ?): Legendary dwarven settlement to the East.
Bitter Plains (Tier ?):
Sapphire Empire (Tier ?):

Dragon Crest (Tier 3): Mountain range far to the south of the Dwarven Caravan Road and east of the Silver Peaks. It is the home of true dragons and their wyvern subjects.
Golden South (Tier ?):
Steppes of Nachrar (Tier ?): A land of the sun in the Golden South, from which arrive tobacco caravans in the Borderland.​
¤ Caravanserai of Salsee: (Tier 0):
¤ Liskan (Tier 0): Capital of Nachrar.​

South (Towards: Upper Linner)
¤ Freiholt (Tier ?):
Boneyard of Barons (Tier 1):
Monumental cemetery of a lost barony to the south of Holt-Lindeck.
Akrassian Empire (Tier ?):
A desert land far to the South.
¤ Kirkas (Tier ?): A small settling in the outskirts of the northern deserts of Akrassian.​
Roaring Ocean (Tier ?):

Location Still Unknown
Lonely Tower (Tier 1): A lonely tower deep in the woods with no visible entrances and riddled with traps. It holds the forgotten riches of a long-dead archmage, or so they say.
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Stephan Hornick

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And here a number of maps and pictures:

Alt-Auheim, Norbrug


More to be added later...