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Campaign Logger: Migrating to the Newest Version

Dear Loggers!

We have been working for several years to modernize and enhance Campaign Logger. The current version you all know (https://campaign-logger.com/) already hints and links to the new version: https://app.campaign-logger.com/.

Soon the current version will move to a new URL (where you can still access and use it), and the latest version will take its place. Sometimes next year, this old version will then go to read-only mode.

We started an auto-conversion program to ease your transition and copied and transformed your logs to the new version. As long as we improve the conversion, we will upload the auto-imported logs to our preview stage of the app: https://preview.app.campaign-logger.com/.

The preview stage is used for quality assurance and to try out the newest features before being promoted to production.

To summarize:
To help us ensure a good conversion, please look at the preview and give feedback on the conversion.

You will likely find two conversions: one from October and one from November.
You can safely delete the October conversion.
Please give your feedback on the November conversion:


Best regards,