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Legend Keeper


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A Patreon project for a new world creation tool called Legend Keeper launched this week:
Ever since I became a DM for my DnD group a few years back, I've always thought that managing the rich details of a world was a little overwhelming. I looked for software tools to help me in my quest to become a better DM and world-builder, but I couldn't find anything I was really happy with. As a personal project, I started developing LegendKeeper, a tool for world-builders and game masters to create and manage content for their worlds. I wanted a tool that offered both powerful creation features, that also made my information easy to access.

The tool is still a work in progress and not that many details have been revealed, but apparently the approach is map-based: you start with an overview of the world and add various details to the map:
LK allows you to upload, annotate, and nest absolutely massive maps; create articles about the people, places, and things in your world with rich text editing; link map locations to those articles; and full-text search your world's encyclopedia from anywhere in the app. I'm currently working on on-the-fly procedural generation, and content sharing, for when you're needing some inspiration, and a bunch of other cool stuff I won't reveal quite yet.