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Next news thread? Status of apps vs web, whats on the horizon?


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Hey really interested now in what the future holds, I think the new forums have got me back into campaign logger, would love to see a news post about where we are with everything, whats recently been added and whats coming up and what the future holds, hopefully this forum will make for better open communication in that regard as the gmtips and google+ kinda made that hard or easily missed.

ultimately I would just love more updates as to what is going on


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We are somewhat reluctant to announce features before they are actually done as we don't want to sell vapor ware but only solid stuff. For real updates and announcements we created a sub forum (https://campaign-community.com/index.php?forums/news-features.4/) where only we can create new posts but where all can reply to those posts.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that were leaked and for which I could give some insights:
  • Apps: still down because of a GDPR and feature parity overhaul
  • New Generator UI: mostly done, but still needs some testing
  • Reference Entries: still in planning phase and vying for prio with Apps
  • SYNC: still in beta phase and still Windows Desktop only, there are some bugs that need to be addressed before the next testing phase
  • Markdown & Form Code: currently in alpha testing
There are several other things that we are working on in the background. Please bear with me that I won't name or comment on them (yet).


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Thanks for the recap! really means alot to me, and I look forward to what is posted in the news and features section. I completely understand about announcing features before they are added more then anything just knowing whats up will keep me engaged <3