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Howdy howdy!

My name is Allen and I am both from, and in, Houston Texas.

I am currently laying out my own interstellar sci-fi game on my own homebrew rules base.

I've been a guide on and off since around 1984, for games such as AD&D, Star Frontiers, Battletech, Living Steel, Paranoia, Cyberpunk 2013/2020, etc.

I really enjoyed the D20 3.0 open game movement and jumped hard into 3.0 and 3.5 and the RPGA, at one time doing their Herald-level GM program and stomping around the updated Forgotten Realms for a couple of years.

My favorite die is the venerable six-sider - because you can always find a hand full of them when you need them, even if you have to go on a couch raid side-quest.

The problem I need to solve is not how to be a guide, but how to be a *good* one - my players don't complain, they do compliment - but I struggle mightily with every... single... session... prepping cool locations, cool NPCs, and cool plots is exhausting and unfun and I figure its because I am going about it all wrong.

One-shots I can prep for I can ace and people have as blast.

Extended adventures over multiple sessions or full campaigns inevitably flame out ... and not because of the players.

So here I am to see how others do it better and have more fun doing so.
August 5
Houston, TX




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