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Recent content by Gedece

  1. Gedece

    RPT Newsletter #001 | Mapping Dilemma – How To Stop Your Players From Yawning

    We usually GM theater of the mind, but the pandemic made us use more internet resources, such as pictures. We also sometimes use a hand drawn map on the spot to clarify if needed. And with the abundance of free online maps, sometimes one of us uses one for a while.
  2. Gedece

    RPG (System) for a SUPERS Campaign?

    Well, to be fair, my players also don't run at that level of improv, and the game still works. They are starting to get used to the idea that they have more options to influence the game, but they use it with care. There is a thing that's not mentioned in the game, they say that whenever a...
  3. Gedece

    RPG (System) for a SUPERS Campaign?

    Well, since you want to know a little about fate, I'll put this, which is a 2 page comic explanation of the basics of fate withouth going in deep into the full rules. Let's say it's a good teaser and a great basic explanation of the things for the player side. . Up to 4 players - Fate Rules
  4. Gedece

    RPG (System) for a SUPERS Campaign?

    Well, you have Venture City, Fate based, which mixes low powered superheroes with ciberpunk corporations. You have also Masks, PBTA based, which is both about being a superheroe while also being a tenager (think yourg justice, Teen Titans) There's a border case in Atomic Robo, Fate based, which...
  5. Gedece

    INSIGHT HELP, PLEASE! Characters' Arc: is it even possible in our campaigns?

    One way of doing this, is something we do without realizing when we put something weird into a players hand and see how that changes how the character does things. Then that weirdness is able to grow with the character, and transform, then if that character embraces the change, he's growing in a...
  6. Gedece

    Player Knowledge vs Character Knowledge

    One obvious way to resolve 1) is asking "and how do you know that?", taking into account that if the answer is good enough, I'll let it pass. About 2) there's two answers. a) If it's common knowledge in the world/country/city and the players are from that space, then they know it and it's my...
  7. Gedece

    Question of the Week: What's the coolest world feature you've seen or created?

    Yeah, you also got Regio when you entered a church, and on some cemeteries. While I never GMd Ars magica, our group played it with several chronicles. I always loved the use of latin words for magic. Creo Ignem, Muto Terram, Intellego Vim. And the hand signs that went with it.
  8. Gedece

    Clever ways to drop clues

    Another way of doing clues, I learnt from Fate. If you want them to learn the clue, but they fail the roll, they find the clue, but it took so much time that the rest of the trail has run cold, so they'll have some complications about it. This pushes the adventure forward while still penalizing...
  9. Gedece

    Fate VTT

    I tested it, it's quite good, though it lacks a little customization, and only works with Core and not with Fate Condensed, the latest rule revision. For example I can translate the skills, but I can't say which ones give more stress tracks.
  10. Gedece

    CL vNext - Deletion of a Campaign - Behavior Poll

    I'd say if campaign are being deleted, ask if the logs should be deleted too. Id the answer is yes, delete them all, if it's no, let them check which ones to keep and generate a move to another campaign or create another campaign to put them dialog.
  11. Gedece

    How to improve your descriptions?

    Another thing, and that is very important, if they jump into the action before hearing all the description, their characters charged in without noticing things, let him face non mortal but grave consequences. If he charged without noticing monsters because you hadn't arrived to that point, he...
  12. Gedece

    Voices and accents

    It's more likely for me to use specific odd words for a certain NPC than an accent that I can't document and can't be sure to do exactly the same way next time. That being said, some more important NPCs might get better treatment with accents.
  13. Gedece

    Poll: What was the first non-D&D system you ever GM'd?

    I went through AD&D 2nd edition, Shadowrun, Mage, Alternity, DC heroes, INS/MV, Big Eyes-Small mouth, Fate Core, PBTA.
  14. Gedece

    Enjoying the new Adventure Building Game Master Plan

    Enjoying the new Adventure Building Game Master Plan
  15. Gedece

    3 Line NPCs Thread

    Scilla, Female half-elf bard Appearence: either flowery dresses while in nice places, or leather adventure gear with bow and dagger. Quite nice looking and aproachable, but you won't get far easily Portrayal: Seems very interested in adventurers with big quests, specially if a prophecy is...