Random notes on roleplaying and gamemastering.

I guess I could be considered an old timer in role playing. I have been playing role playing games since 1977 (D&D :)) and after that Runequest in Glorantha since 1980. In 2015 February it will be 35 years anniversary of our RQ campaign. Switched to HeroWars/HeroQuest for a bit but did not get the group of friends I have been playing interested enough on that. Played Call of Cthulhu campaigns on a side track for awhile. Switched back to Mongoose Runequest II edition and then to RuneQuest 6 and really liking it.

The game that used to be known as RQ6 (Runequest 6) is now known as Mythras (same game, same authors, different name) - all of the mentions on this site that refer to RQ6 mean currently Mythras.

Almost always sitting behind the DM screen and liking it a lot. Pretty much the only times I have played on the other side of the screen have been the several Convulsion and Continuum conferences that I participated in since the early '90s and '00s





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