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Recent content by knoppi

  1. knoppi

    What could modern-era role-playing games be about, and would you play them?

    From your list, I would surely play the Criminals section. I like the spies section but don't see a tabletop rpg there or maybe something sneaky? Paranormal depends. We're playing a lot of Cthulhu in our current era, so this is definitely a yes, but I dislike vampires. I'm missing the very...
  2. knoppi

    List of Digital GM Tools

    That's interesting. I'm building something very similar mysql. It's Yaml and markdown and not yet completely streamlined. But the idea is very similar. Define a bunch of colors, setup a menu structure and write your text as plain text. If the zine thing doesn't fit your needs @ExileInParadise ...
  3. knoppi

    How to write Session Summaries

    All NPCs the players interacted with are listed there, wether they are new or old. In this particular journal entry the PCs met new NPCs. That's why they all have only one session listed in the "Dabei in" (Participating in) section.
  4. knoppi

    How to write Session Summaries

    Great topic. I think my current method works quite well for me. It's by far not as detailled as @Stephan Hornick 's work but that's just style. I'm the one writing up everything. I'd like to see players' contributions, but so far only my girlfriend helped me. Doing the chronicles takes a lot...
  5. knoppi

    RPT Newsletter #1,182 | Encounter Mapping Software - 3 Tips For Choosing The Best One

    My preferred source of exact maps is https://watabou.itch.io/ Typically I first map abstract: nodes connected by vertices. For the details I distinguish several layers of mapping, for instance: galaxy, star systems, planets, places. I typically map out the uppermost layer and leave the detailed...
  6. knoppi

    Everyone around me seems to be catching it. It's getting closer and closer. Hope it's already...

    Everyone around me seems to be catching it. It's getting closer and closer. Hope it's already better by now and get well soon!
  7. knoppi

    Sie Siete Station, Niecti Orbit, Gliese 14

    That's funny. I chose the same kind of homebase for my Stars without numbers campaign, actually even the same deckplans -- the Argo III. In my case it's a flying research station looking for lost systems. Or at least, that's what the players are thinking they are doing. I never went as much...
  8. knoppi


    Hey, I use obsidian quite a lot in my preparations. I have two lists of YAML files with PCs and NPCs, a Python script is creating markdown documents out of this structured information. And the result is imported in Obsidian. With that I can query connections between NPCs, see who participated...
  9. knoppi

    Campaign Cartographer Q&A

    Maybe not the default usecase, but for this particular kind of map CC3+ is currently my number 1:
  10. knoppi

    Calamus - a shared virtual battle map

    Went through all the threads here and this sounds interesting. They, however, changed the website structure and your link is not working anymore. One should go to https://trapstreetstudios.com/theCalamus/ (without the www) This and I enjoy thread necromancy.
  11. knoppi

    LFP Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    For the record and for future planning: I'm totally fine if you continue a running adventure without me. I don't know if having pointed that out earlier would have made @JochenL fix his schedule earlier and in favour of playing. But if that's the case please accept my appologies. Since I'm...
  12. knoppi

    LFP Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    I would join for the tower, although I'd prefer finishing it with the full cast. I will probably not join with a new character, only if you need me.
  13. knoppi

    LFP Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    Hey, next week I'd prefer tuesday or thursday over wednesday for the same reason as Morvar had last time. My girlfriend is leaving on thursday and we'd like to spend the evening before together.
  14. knoppi

    LFP Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    I'm fine with tuesday and thursday as well, generally. This week's thursday is okay for me, too.
  15. knoppi

    Borderland - An Open Table West Marches-style Game

    Okay, I'll block 21st and 28th for Lonely Tower. Although I think that actually god fighting power and magical knowledge -- from a powerplay perspective -- are needed more.