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Recent content by Xik

  1. Xik


    Hello, and thanks for the recommendation! From what I recall of going through the book, it made me think that as a GM it would help for me to spend a good amount of time figuring out how to narrate scenery or minor encounters, like meeting travellers going the other way and stopping for a chat...
  2. Xik

    Poll: What was the first non-D&D system you ever GM'd?

    I've considered other systems from the beginning but haven't ran any yet. My first idea for a system to run was Ryuutama, since I'd seen someone recommend it for new GMs, the GM-powers seemed an interesting idea...and I'm a big fan of dragons. XD Over lockdown I joined a discord server tied to a...
  3. Xik

    How long do your sessions usually last?

    Most sessions I've preferred to schedule for 1-5 in the afternoon, out of the desire to have the game go on as long as possible, heh. Some days I've wondered about shaving off an hour though. Other days we end up overrunning half an hour or so to finish a scene.
  4. Xik


    Hello, I'm Ellen, though I prefer pseudonyms online. I'm from Britain. Figured I'd give GMing a try last year and have been slowly working at it for about a year now. The only system I've GMed so far is Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition, though I have considered trying Ryuutama. I'd always...