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Recent content by SnivGrits

  1. SnivGrits

    Poll: What was the first non-D&D system you ever GM'd?

    We're going to need a bigger list.
  2. SnivGrits

    Question of the Week: What’s your favorite monster?

    If I have to pick a single all time favorite, it's hard to beat the classic Vampire. Agree that Dr. Who has some of the best monsters of the week, and always has had. From serial killing department store mannequins in "Terror of the Autons" to the shapeshifting fungi in "Terror of the Zygons"...
  3. SnivGrits


    Greetings, noble tale spinners! My name is Matthew, and I live in Eastern Washington. I have been running a couple D&D 5th Edition games for a couple of months now. I first started gaming in 82' with D&D Basic, though the last ten years I was on hiatus from the craft, and I missed 4th Edition...