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calling generators

  1. L

    Can a Generator call up & roll on other generators?

    Hi. I have an idea for either a random background generator or a full-on random npc generator for my campaign. The way i'm thinking, I will need a series of individual genrators to use as tables. then I will have one generator that rolls upon all of them in different ways. My current thinking...
  2. jrrnewton

    Passing variables in generators

    In looking for answers to this, I searched the site, and found the following post: Helpful to have those links, but they were not really helpful in writing generators (many gaps, etc). I'm trying to understand how to pass a variable back up to a calling generator. I've read through the...
  3. A

    Nested generators

    Is it possible to create a nested generator? Where the value for one generator can the result of another generator? I'm thinking along the lines of Xanathar's Guide to Everything, in the "This is your life" section. They do things like "roll for the status of this sibling", and one option is...