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cheat sheet

  1. Kathorus

    Cheat Sheet update

    Greetings, I almost always have the cheat sheet up when I'm working in CL (). I was exploring the additional resources and the 'Random Creation Blog' doesn't seem to open to anything related to CL. Should this be pointing to somewhere else, or am I just missing the point?
  2. Cryptocartographer

    Wizard Spellcasting Reference 5e

    I wanted to really break down the spellcasting process for some new players. I started with wizards, as they are probably the most complex casters with the most misunderstood abilities and limitations. The result was this flow chart and lexicon, available as a PDF here...
  3. Cryptocartographer

    5e Introductory Player Reference Sheet

    5th Edition Reference Sheet (PDF): https://www.jayrobinson.net/free-stuff I'm starting some brand-new players this weekend, and I decided to develop a cheat sheet for them. There are a million of these things out there, but I designed mine to: 1. be friendly-looking, including original art 2...