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  1. Matt

    Tag dropdown confusion/error

    Hi! When I'm using a tag symbol in vNext the dropdown list shows multiple versions of the same entry with and without symbols, e.g. "Dr. Doom" and "Dr Doom" or "Double-barrelled" and "Double barrelled".
  2. Matt

    CL Problems in Safari

    Hi! I use vNext on an iPad with iOS 13.6.1 and a bluetooth keyboard for logging when playing. It's a nice small setup. After the login to CL I get a mostly white screen (picture attached). Only after I click at one of the links and go back it shows the regular starting content. When I do nothing...
  3. Hannu

    Feature Request - Clean mode for Missing generators

    It would be so nice if we had clean mode for not found generators For example for "They are going to hunt for {gen:JungleBirds#smallAnimal} in the next hunt" It could show "They are going to hunt for <underscore>smallAnimal from JungleBirds<underscore> in the next hunt" if the generator is...