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  1. TheRoeler

    How to create a stream

    Via the latest mail from Johnn I found out about the very promising Streams feature of Campaign Logger. However I cannot find how I can create a stream?! I did search my email, forums and the logger but to no avail. Can someone enlighten me?
  2. JohnnFour

    Download Log Entries from Streams

    Campaign Logger GMs now have a great way to share creations with fellow Loggers. When you create a Stream from a Campaign Log and share it out, visitors to your stream can now download Log Entries as JSON files that can be imported into a Campaign Log. For example, here's a standard stream i...
  3. R

    How to un-share a log entry?

    Hello, I just discovered the "share entry" feature and shared something. Now I wonder how I can undo the sharing? Thanks for the great application! greetings from Germany ronald