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  1. P

    [vNext] Bullet points not working in table cells

    Hi Jochen, I tried to enter a bulleted list in a table cell but it doesn't work, meaning that the * I put as bullet stays as * and does not convert to a bullet. Am I missing something? Happy logging!
  2. JochenL

    New Formatting Options: Horizontal Rule, Ordered/Unordered Lists, Small Caps

    Code for horizontal rules To get a horizontal rule, start the line with two dashes "--" and don't add any more text to that line. Ordered and unordered lists Simply start consecutive lines with "# " and you'll get an ordered list. Simply start consecutive lines with "- " and you'll get an...
  3. ZachHunt359

    Tags with Subscript don't respond to click

    I've just noticed that tags with subscript inside them don't behave right when I click them. Superscript works fine, but clicking on a tag with subscript in it doesn't load the new set of entries. To easily see what I mean, copy this entry and click each tag. Tests ~"Test {\|subscript}" ~"Test...