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  1. ErikaHLX

    Gaming in different languages

    Tim, I'm curious, do you game in Mandarin? (I'm also generally interested in any other languages people are running game in!) I'm considering D&D as a topic for Mandarin conversation group--maybe even a one-shot immersion. I wonder if there are any recommended resources!
  2. ELF


    Vulgar (or Vülgår?) is a fantasy language generator that generates the basics of an internally consistent constructed language, starting from phonology and basic grammar rules and ending with a core vocabulary of the invented language. This is wonderful if you appreciate believable details in...
  3. JohnnFour

    Salaam game masters! How do you say hello?

    I'm curious about how you say hello to friends in real life, and how NPCs say hello to the characters? I only speak one language, alas, so it's hello or hi for me. In-game, I often use the Ed Greenwood greeting of well met. Sometimes, hail. How about you?