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lfg (looking for games)

  1. Stephan Hornick

    LFG Dark Sun

    Title: Survival in Athas System: D&D or AD&D Setting: Dark Sun setting, open for any area Story: I'm open for story and character choice and would like to discuss this first with the group to decide on a good match Sessions: Up to twice a month in the evening (21:30-23:30 GMT+1), open for all...
  2. JochenL

    LFG [Template] Requested Game - Player requesting a game not yet offered

    Use this as a template if you want to request a game as a player. GMs/other players can answer when they are interested to run/join such a game. Use your thread to plan and discuss your game in detail. Please use the following template for your request: Title: <a catchphrase for what you want...