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  1. Matt


    Hi, I unsubscribed from the CL Newsletter because I got it always twice but now I can’t find a subscribe link.
  2. ELF

    Tabletop Wire

    Tabletop Wire is a tabletop industry news site (with a newsletter) that could prove to be a useful read especially in these "interesting times": https://tabletopwire.com/ The downside is that it has not been recently updated. :( Still, I subscribed to the newsletter hoping that the site will...
  3. ELF


    There's a new daily RPG newsletter available, with a cleverly matched domain: https://rpg.fyi/ (Scroll down to see earlier newsletter content.) Although the thought of a daily newsletter fills me (not to mention my poor inbox) with dread, I must admit that the linked articles are well-picked...
  4. ELF

    Dungeon Master Daily

    A new gamemastering newsletter started last month: https://dungeonmasterdaily.com/ This is a daily(!), brief mailing that promises to deliver short gaming tips, but its rather ambitious raison d'être seems to be listing all new gamemastering related content published on the Web on the...