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  1. ELF

    Random findings online

    I'm not a big fan of opera, but there is something captivating in this Russian opera The Last Trial, based on DragonLance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xfeVNgEK7MM (English subtitles available) A fan page give some background information about this surprising project...
  2. mKlaumann

    Generator Icon Request-Thread

    Hey everybody, today I announced the release of the new Generator Web App. If you already took a look, you might have noticed, that generators automatically get an icon assigned. We got Icons for the most used keywords of public generators, but I know that those won't be enough. If you need a...
  3. mKlaumann

    A completely new Generator WebApp launching in Beta

    Good news everybody, Today I am happy to announce the official Beta release of a complete rewrite of the Generator Suite. You now have a permanent home for all your Generator needs. We tried to make it as good as possible and iron out as many bugs as we could with the help of a few very great...