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  1. Lensman

    Can a Generator call up & roll on other generators?

    Hi. I have an idea for either a random background generator or a full-on random npc generator for my campaign. The way i'm thinking, I will need a series of individual genrators to use as tables. then I will have one generator that rolls upon all of them in different ways. My current thinking...
  2. jrrnewton

    Passing variables in generators

    In looking for answers to this, I searched the site, and found the following post: Helpful to have those links, but they were not really helpful in writing generators (many gaps, etc). I'm trying to understand how to pass a variable back up to a calling generator. I've read through the...
  3. ELF

    Generator feature request: global variable introduction

    For me the biggest cause of showstopper issues is how introduction of global variables in handled. As expected, global variables need to be introduced in a generator that uses them: globals: species: '' culture: '' civilization: '' But if that generator calls another generator that...